Top Crypto News: 03/11

At the time of press, Bitcoin is trading at $58,055. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,836.

Let’s find out some compelling crypto news for today. Launches Robust Interface To Calculate Crypto Tax for Canadian Users announced the launch of its tax calculator for Canada. As per the official blog, this service is inbuilt with a country-specific automatic tax calculator interface. Hence, this user-friendly application benefits users to calculate and file complex crypto taxes smoothly. Moreover, this service is free-of-charge, and users can generate their crypto tax reports in just a few clicks. The team is working with professional tax advisers and in guidance of laws for filing crypto taxes in Canada. Hence, this report comprises accurate transaction history with an evaluation of taxable gains/losses. Additionally, users can import crypto transaction statements from supported exchanges and wallets, including the app.

Bluzelle | Equinix Collaboration To Enhance Secure Validators Hosting in Proof-of-Stake Blockchains

Bluzelle collaborated with Equinix to facilitate secure validators hosting in proof-of-stake blockchains. As per the tweet, with Bluzelle’s solution, any staker with basic computer knowledge can become a validator on the Google Cloud Platform. Further, this validation includes an utmost degree of security which prevents any malicious attack. Moreover, the initial implementation is planned for Cosmos and its Tendermint consensus mechanism. However, the team has plans to extend this on Ethereum 2.0 and other blockchains. Equinix is a NASDAQ-listed leading digital infrastructure company. Hence, the Bluzelle module connects with Equinix SmartKey, which is an enterprise-grade service solution. Further, this bond will provide high-level security to safeguard the network.

Polygon Teams up With SuperFarm To Bolster NFT Space With Low Transaction Fees

Polygon (formerly Matic) partnered with SuperFarm to create fast and low-cost NFTs. As per the tweet, this integration will help users to mint, swap, and sell NFTs at a low cost. Further, this will enable Polygon users to farm exclusive NFTs on the SuperFarm platform without inflating the circulating supply. Polygon combines the high-end security of Ethereum with the low-fee environment of Layer 2. Therefore, it creates a robust ecosystem for developers to create anything on Layer 2. This will allow users to buy and sell NFTs at low transaction fees with instant confirmations, which can fuel the exploding NFTs and digital collectibles space.

Bluzelle Unveils Launch of Its Own NFT Collection

Bluzelle announced the launch of its own “Bluzelle NFT Collection” to celebrate the RYU MVP release of the Bluzelle Oracles. The NFT market is exploding, and big brands and popular artists are exploring this innovative space. Therefore, Bluzelle is adding another milestone by the launch of its own NFT collection. As per the tweet, this NFT collection is created by renowned art directors to make it unique and exceptional from others. Further, to attract innovative users and to maximize participation, the team has combined these NFTs with the Rarible platform. Moreover, Rarible is a leading NFT marketplace that supports the shopping of digital virtual assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, this NFT collection consists of 4 unique designs, and every week, a new design will be released with a limit of 10 sets. Notably, participants can also earn rewards in the form of native Bluzelle tokens worth $1000 if they collect all four designs.

Reef Finance Launches EVM-Compatible Reef Chain To Transform DeFi Blockchains

Reef Finance announced the launch of its EVM-compatible Reef Chain with Substrate technology. Moreover, Reef Finance advances the DeFi space and makes it accessible for new users. It connects DeFi with its AI-powered Yield Engine to customize DeFi investment recommendations that are based upon risk levels, allocation opportunities, and specific requirements. The DeFi space is expanding, which also increases the Ethereum transaction fees. Hence, this has turned into a huge roadblock for new DeFi investors. Therefore, the Reef Chain launch will address this scalability issue. Reef Chain is an EVM-compatible chain that utilizes a decentralized Proof of Commitment mechanism. Further, this allows developers to combine legacy and current DeFi applications without undergoing any alterations. Apart from EVM compatibility, Reef Chain also becomes the first DeFi blockchain developed on Substrate, which makes it a next-generation DeFi platform.

Zilliqa Capital Allocating Funds To Empower High-Growth Blockchain Projects In Southeast Asia and India

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have Zilliqa Capital, who is allocating investment to empower high-growth blockchain projects. As per the tweet, Zilliqa Capital will solidify the position of the Zilliqa platform as the blockchain platform of choice in Southeast Asia and India by fostering new entrepreneurs and developers. Moreover, the team will invest in decentralized and fintech solutions and aims to become a crypto-focused investment company. This diversification includes investing, wealth management, insurance, lending, payments, Web 3.0 infrastructure, and many more. It should be noted that Zilliqa Capital will invest in projects that are building on the Zilliqa platform or integrating it. The team consists of solid and experienced technologists and innovators across the fintech, gaming, and blockchain space.

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