Top Crypto News: 03/31

Today Bitcoin crashed over $2000 within a few minutes and is trading at $58,994. However, Goldman Sachs’ announcement to offer crypto assets for its wealth management clients fueled its price. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,919.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news in detail.

Wikibank | Fuse Network Integration to Empower Donation System & Help Poor Families

Wikibank integrates with the Fuse Network to boost decentralized and local economies. Moreover, Wikibank is a community-driven foundation operating in Seville, Spain. This charity helps poor communities by supplying fresh food instead of what they could hope to get from traditional food banks. Hence, this integration helps Wikibank to utilize the Fuse wallet for their donors and recipients. Wikibank switches donations received in Euros to its voucher tokens and then distributes them to the mobile wallets of the aid recipients. Further, the recipients can utilize these tokens to get fresh food from exclusive partner shops. Therefore, the Fuse blockchain will help users to receive donations in a more efficient and transparent manner.

Fractal | eyeo Partnership to Enhance Ad Market With Data Ownership

eyeo partnered with Fractal to offer a fair and profitable web for users. Fractal is an open-source protocol that replaces ad cookies to elevate the exchange of user information by enabling users to control their data. eyeo is a platform that strengthens the exchange of information between advertisers, publishers, and online users. With this partnership, both teams will work to transform the ad market. Further, with this upgrade, users would get the option to choose the kind of information they want to share. Impressively, users can also revoke any information if shared mistakenly. Additionally, users can earn incentives by sharing beneficial content, which makes this protocol transparent with user privacy and data ownership.

DIA Teams up With Dafi Protocol to Combine Trusted Oracles & Dafi’s Synthetics

DIA collaborated with Dafi Protocol to combine trusted oracles with Dafi’s synthetics protocol. Dafi Protocol addresses various issues faced by the blockchain networks, and it aims to solve the problem of excess token supply. Moreover, different projects utilize Dafi Protocol to create their own dToken while Dafi safeguards these tokens against hyperinflation for the long-term stability of the network. With this coalition, the Dafi network will implement DIA’s oracle functionality and data feeds. Further, this will help to bridge between off-chain data sources and on-chain smart contracts in a secured way.

Bluzelle Joined Forces With Cere Network to Uplift DeFi Data Infrastructure

Bluzelle partnered with Cere Network to improve DeFi data infrastructure. Cere Network empowers data integration services and aims to bridge across the blockchain network. With this alliance, Bluzelle will provide on-demand data more swiftly through its decentralized data network. This would help to scale the data services instantly and boost the overall efficiency of Cere Network. Further, Bluzelle will provide different solutions to Cere’s Enterprise Ecosystem such as enhanced security and scalability. Collaboratively, the team has plans to enhance the seamless flow of communications between the DeFi ecosystem and enterprises.

Shyft Network Joins Hands With Polygon to Enhance Regulatory Compliant Infrastructure

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have Shyft Network partnering with Polygon (formerly Matic) to enhance regulatory-compliant infrastructure for DeFi. Moreover, Shyft Network is a public protocol that facilitates data transfer among permissioned and permissionless networks. With this coalition, Polygon will utilize Shyft Network’s compatibility to deploy an opt-in compliance infrastructure. Further, this will protect users’ personal information by applying Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and GDPR compliant systems. Additionally, the team will create the first opt-in compliant zkRollup protocol, which will help developers to integrate Shyft Network core contracts into their dApps.

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