Top Crypto News: 04/27

After undergoing a sharp correction and making a daily low of $47,198, Bitcoin is now trading at $55,129. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $2,676.

Let’s review some interesting crypto news in detail.

1- Raze Network | Harmony Protocol Partnership to Boost NFTs Marketplaces

Raze Network partners with Harmony Protocol to expand fungible token and non-fungible assets marketplaces. Moreover, Raze Network is a Substrate-based, cross-chain privacy protocol that secures trading systems and users’ assets. Harmony incentivizes user engagement and supports businesses to tokenize their assets. With this partnership, Raze team will use its Efficient Σ-Bullets algorithm, which encrypts user account balances and transactions. Further, this facilitates the set up of private accounts for Harmony users to get benefit from the Private Payment Channel. This would also help the Harmony community to mint Private Tokens from Base Tokens at a 1:1 ratio. Additionally, the team has plans to explore decentralized finance on the Polkadot ecosystem in the near future.

2- Cartesi Integrated Binance Pay to Expand Payment Options for Merchants & Users

Cartesi announced the integration of CTSI into Binance Pay. Binance Pay offers enhanced crypto payment options for merchants and businesses, where businesses can sign up to receive crypto payments. Cartesi solves the scalability and high fee issues on blockchains through variants of optimistic roll-ups. Hence, this integration will allow millions of users to utilize CTSI as a payment option at various e-commerce websites, shops, restaurants, and more.

3- Blind Boxes Teams With 1inch to Enhance Protocols With Liquidity Mining Program

Blind Boxes collaborated with 1inch to launch a liquidity mining program. The 1inch Network combines decentralized protocols to enable the most lucrative, fastest, and secure services in the DeFi space. Blind Boxes is a launchpad for NFTs and a gamified curation platform. Collaboratively, the team will introduce an ETH-BLES pair to provide liquidity to their Liquidity Protocol. Further, Blind Boxes will boost the mentioned 1inch pool by contributing $200K worth of $BLES tokens. In addition, this will enable holders to earn yield and deploy their tokens across decentralized exchanges. In turn, this would increase the utility of $BLES tokens and offer lucrative farming options to 1inch users.

4- Bondly | TheForce.Trade Collaboration to Launch Its First Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Launchpad

Bondly collaborated with TheForce.Trade to launch its first Binance Smart Chain (BSC) launchpad. TheForce.Trade is a data aggregator platform that simplifies the DeFi and NFT user’s investment process. Users can enhance the yield farming returns with its data and automation tools. This Bondly launchpad is created to boost the participation of $BONDLY holders in the BSC ecosystem. Further, this sale will start on April 29 at 10 am EDT for BSC wallets that meet the eligibility criteria of 10,000 $BONDLY. Initially, every wallet address is eligible for only one NFT. However, users can win more lucrative NFTs later on through this participation.

5- ChainGuardians | Chainlink VRF Integration to Uplift the NFT space

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have ChainGuardians integrating Chainlink’s Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF). Chainlink VRF is a decentralized oracle service that offers smart contracts with verifiable on-chain randomness. ChainGuardians is a blockchain that joins a superheroes gaming ecosystem. With this integration, the new NFTs will be generated fairly with unique characteristics. Additionally, these features would empower the creators and boost the NFT space.

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