Top Crypto News: 06/28

There have been interesting news in the crypto space today. Bitcoin price has increased by 3.9% and is trading at $34,491.70. In addition, Ethereum is up 13.4% over the last 24 hours and is trading at $2,087.56.

We’ll go through some of the top crypto news for today.

1 – (CRO) Reveal Support for Theta and Filecoin Upgrades (CRO), a cryptocurrency wallet provider and platform, has announced its support for the upgrade, and hard fork on Theta Network alongside the mainnet upgrade on Filecoin. THETA and TFUEL withdrawals/deposits will be suspended on the exchange and App from 30 June 2021, 9:00 PST.

Per the announcement, trade of both tokens will continue as usual. To ensure the protection of user funds, these changes will take place until the network shows stability.

It’s also important to note the upgrade is part of the network’s plans to launch Theta v3.0.0, which will carry out a hard fork at block height 10968061 on the 30th June, 12 pm PST.

Concerning the Filecoin Mainnet Upgrade, CRO’s support also means that FIL deposits and withdrawals will be suspended on the exchange and mobile App from 30 June 2021, 16:00 UTC.

Similarly, FIL token trading won’t be affected. This move is due to Filecoin Network’s release of the v13 HyperDrive upgrade, which takes place at epoch 892800 on the 30th June 2021, 22:00 UTC.

2 – Beeple NFT Platform, Wenew Choose Polygon

Polygon, a platform designed for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development, has announced that Beeple’s NFT Platform will be released on Polygon.

Popular artist, Mike Winkelmann (also called Beeple), will collaborate with Polygon to launch the WeNew NFT platform while eliminating the carbon footprint of the platform.

The report also added that: “Polygon’s Commit Chain uses a POS architecture which means that the NFTs minted on Polygon are highly environmentally friendly and leave a low carbon footprint.”

3 – Kyber Network Reach Significant Milestone

Kyber Network, a blockchain-based liquidity hub, has reported a significant landmark achieved by their liquidity pool protocol. They announced that Kyber DMM already exceeded the $100M mark in trading volume for their beta phase.

Furthmore, they also stated that liquidity providers will soon be able to earn $KNC, and $MATIC yield.

Previously, the network had a DeFi-enabled liquidity aggregation, and token swapping protocol with $15 million in collateral, according to DeFi Pulse. But, Kyber DMM is a new liquidity protocol that’s created for retail liquidity providers and token teams.

Notably, it is a part of several protocols that will be launched on the Kyber 3.0 liquidity hub by Q3, 2021.

4 – Hashed Supports Unbound Finance Funding Round

Hashed, an early-stage venture fund that backs pioneers of blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives, has revealed they supported the Unbound Finance $5.8M funding round.

Based on reports, the funding will be channelled into Unbound Finance’s cross-chain stablecoin system. The aim being to create native bridges for faster transfers between other synthetic assets and the UNB stablecoin.

The funding round was carried out by Hashed, XRP Capital, Pantera Capital, LedgerPrime, CMS Holdings, and Coin98 Venture. Several angel investors also contributed to the funding round.

5 – $IOI Liquidity Farm on Polygon

Collectible NFTs trading game, Trade Race Manager, has announced that users can farm $IOI tokens with liquidity that amounts to 425% APY on the Polygon chain.

Notably, interested users can find $IOI/$USDC pair on QuickSwap.

It’s important to note that Trade Race Manager is a game that majorly involves the trading and collection of NFTs. It was created last year, however, there have been improvements, and new introductions on the network.

The network leverages NFTs and decentralized finance with its one token economy for traders, and gamers.

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