Top Crypto News: 10/08

The majority of the cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum as Bitcoin is holding in the USD 55,000 region.

Also, Ethereum is showing real strength as it reached the USD 3600 mark. Therefore, let’s find out the top crypto news for today.

1. Amasa Ecosystem Partners with IOTEX

The popular Defi platform Amasa partners with IOTEX. Also, this is a significant boost that Amasa can leverage IoT devices to reward network participants. According to the announcement, users can now generate data streams. This is possible by using Iotex and monetize video content with the help of Amasa.

2. OpenOcean integrates Fantom 

Crypto’s first multi-chain CeFi and DeFi aggregator, OpenOcean, combined with the Fantom ecosystem. Also, the Fantom TVL made an ATH of USD 3.2 billion before exploding to USD 7.8 billion.

On the other hand, Fantom joins the long list of OpenOcean integrations. This includes ETH, BSC, TRON, SOL, POLYGON, among others. Therefore, this new integration can help users to reap the benefits of the growing Fantom ecosystem. Finally, OpenOcean has also announced a superior algorithm to maximize rewards.

3. DreamQuest announces IGO on GameFi

DreamsQuest, an upcoming decentralized play-to-earn RPG game, has announced its third IGO on GameFi. Therefore, DreamQuest is already attracting users with its free-to-play & play-to-earn philosophy. According to the announcement, the IGO will be conducted on October 15th. 

4. Enjinstarter to Build a Real-World Metaverse in Singapore

Enjinstarter, a new blockchain gaming launchpad, is partnering with Hatten Land. According to the announcement, they are building a digital Melaka twin city. This would be a real-world metaverse, a digital replica of the existing city.

5. Uniqly Prepares to launch its NFT Marketplace

Uniqly has announced its NFT marketplace. The platforms help artists to create and trade NFTs in a seamless manner. Therefore, these NFTs will be backed by real-world assets, which assure inherent value for the buyers. Also, the NFT marketplace will be launched on October 20th, right after the website upgrade.

I hope you have enjoyed the latest Top Crypto News

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