Top Crypto News: 09/08

After recording one of the biggest crashes and hitting a daily low of $44,318, Bitcoin is now trading at $45,974. Meanwhile, the coin which stood strong was Quant. The altcoin reached $338, an 81% increase in the past seven days, before finally dropping to $307.

Let’s find out some exciting crypto news stories for the day.

1 – Avalanche | Wanchain Integration to Bolster Decentralized Cross-Chain Interoperability

Wanchain has collaborated with Avalanche to boost decentralized cross-chain interoperability. Moreover, Wanchain connects blockchain networks that are isolated due to it being a decentralized blockchain interoperability solution. Hence, this collaboration helps Avalanche and its ecosystem’s projects to utilize Wanchain’s cross-chain blockchain infrastructure to create new value and use cases for their users.

In addition, Wanchain will build new use cases for cross-chain compatible tokens. Such new cases include wanXRP and wanLTC on Avalanche, not to mention wanAVAX on other public blockchains. Avalanche is one of the fastest smart contract platforms in terms of time-to-finality. Hence, this coalition expands new possibilities for developers as Avalanche is now fully supporting Wanchain as the world’s most advanced cross-chain solution.

2 – IOTA Tapped by EU to Develop European Blockchain Services Infrastructure

IOTA and its distributed ledger technology (DLT) has been selected by the European Commission to help develop the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (ESBI). As per the tweet, the IOTA Foundation is one out of seven projects selected to compete in the first phase of the EU blockchain pre-commercial procurement process.

The EBSI strives to design a network of nodes across Europe to support cross-border services between governments, enterprises, and citizens. Hence, if IOTA gets selected for the next phase, the team will help in creating new DLT solutions to improve the scalability, energy efficiency, and security of EBSI.

3 – Quant Released Overledger 2.0.5 to Bridge Blockchain Payments With Stablecoins, NFT, and DeFi Ecosystems

Quant has declared the launch of its Overledger 2.0.5 to bridge the ecosystems of stablecoins, DeFi, and NFTs with blockchain payments. As per the tweet, this upgrade offers universal interoperability between various protocols. Further, this allows users to transact and settle payments between different digital asset types with a few lines of code.

As stated, this Overledger payment API enhances clearing and settling between different digital assets and stablecoins. It collateralizes NFTs with stablecoins such as USDC, DAI, and USDT. In addition, it manages multi-DLT DeFi payments by combining lending and staking products with new settlement options.

4 – Star Atlas Launched Next-Gen NFTs Through Galactic Asset Offering

The last crypto news story on our list for the day is Star Atlas launching next-gen NFTs through GAO. During this Galactic Asset Offering (GAO) phase, the team would release assets individually in limited quantities to fulfill the initial demand of the community. Further, this would also meet the collector’s needs to get their hands on the very first generation of AAA-grade metaverse NFTs.

As stated, these assets will be released in different waves. The first two waves of assets are released in the form of a series of spaceship NFTs. Notably, the first wave of Galactic Asset Offering (GAO) NFTs launched on the 7th of September, followed by the second wave on the 9th of September. Star Atlas is a grand strategy game of space exploration, political domination, and more. Hence, this Galactic Asset Offering would entice new users and grow its platform.

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