Top Crypto News: 09/30

The majority of the cryptocurrencies are trading sideways as Bitcoin is trying to recover from yesterday’s $41k region. Ethereum, on the other hand, is showing strength as it is attempting to cross the $3,000 resistance level amidst the market that is in a state of extreme fear.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

1 – Axie Infinity Launches Its Much-Awaited Staking Program

Popular game Axie Infinity has launched its much-awaited staking program. The excitement in the Axie community is sky-high as AXS holders can now lock up their AXS tokens and enjoy intraday staking rewards. Additionally, Axie also revealed that it is planning to introduce voting rights over governance of the 1 billion dollar Axie Treasury.

Click on this link to stake your AXS.

2 – DeRace Announces NFT Horse Sales

DeRace has announced that its NFT horses can be bought from the marketplace starting October 3. The horses will be of five tiers: namely Olympian, Demi-God, Alpha, Beta, and Omega – – with each tier featuring different characteristics. Since its Binance backed IGO, DeRace token – DERC – has seen a tremendous price rally to an all-time high of $4.20 and is currently trading close to $2.50.

3 – Zilbridge Is live on Zilliqa Mainnet

Zilliqa has launched its Zilbridge on its mainnet. Users can bridge and pool ETH, wBTC, and USDT to Zilliqa blockchain and enjoy staking rewards. The bridge will be accessible starting October 6. Moreover, you can pool any of the above assets along with ZIL or ZSWAP. Zilbridge can attract a lot of investors with its faster and cheaper transaction capabilities. Owing to the news, ZIL enjoyed a decent 10% price action.

4 – Polkadex Mainnet is Live

Polkadex, an emerging DeFi and Web3 trading engine on the native Polkadex blockchain, has announced its mainnet launch. PDEX tokens will now be migrated from the Ethereum chain to the Polkadex mainnet. The cherry projects, PolkaIDO launchpad and Polkapool, soon will be launched directly on the mainnet.

5 – Google Cloud Officially Supports Chainlink Hackathon

ChainLink’s prestigious fall hackathon is now officially supported by Google Cloud. Google is offering $5k in cloud credits for interesting project ideas. This is in addition to the $300k cash rewards offered by Chainlink.

You can sign up for the Hackathon here.

6 – COTI to Offer Bank Accounts and Visa Debit Cards

COTI has launched bank accounts and Visa debit cards for its community. This is a huge step in enhancing the network’s adoption and bridging the fiat and crypto worlds. COTI claims that the Visa cards can store fiat and crypto alike and can be used for both offline and online payments. Users can now pay merchants with their COTI Pay debit cards. Moreover, for merchants, COTI is planning to provide Pay Business suite access, which, in turn, strengthens COTI staking rewards.

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