Top Crypto News: 10/02

After making a daily low of $46,945, Bitcoin is now trading at $47,609. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $3,385.

Let’s review some interesting crypto news stories for the day.

1 – Switzerland Launching Its First Crypto Stamp On Polygon

The national postal service of Switzerland has announced the launch of its crypto stamps on Polygon (formerly Matic). As per the announcement, these Swiss crypto stamps are digital collectibles linked to a physical stamp. Further, these stamps are issued by the postal service and worth 8.9 Swiss francs.

In addition, each stamp design creates a non-fungible token (NFT) and is stored on the Polygon chain. Users can access their digital stamps online by scanning a QR code printed next to the physical stamp. Additionally, customers will also get the option to exchange or sell their crypto stamps on major NFT marketplaces. Notably, this Swiss crypto stamp will launch on November 25 at selected Swiss Post branches.

2 – Wanchain Announced Its Cross-Chain Network Upgrade in October

Wanchain has declared an upgrade to its network for smooth integration with Polkadot. As per the tweet, this upgrade will take place on Friday, October 8 at 06:00 UTC. Notably, at the time of upgrade, cross-chain transactions may be momentarily unavailable. Any interruption should last less than an hour.

Once this update is available, Storeman node operators must upgrade to Agent version 3.4.0 as soon as possible. If any Storeman node operators fail to upgrade their nodes timely, then they will not be able to perform and verify cross-chain transactions. Wanchain provides the world’s premier decentralized blockchain interoperability solution. Recently, Wanchain also integrated with Avalanche; hence, this upgrade will boost cross-chain interoperability.

3 – Umbrella Network Mainnet Is Now Live on Ethereum

Umbrella Network has announced its deployment on the Ethereum mainnet. With this mainnet launch, Umbrella Network has deployed its smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This would help Ethereum-based dApps to communicate with Umbrella Network code in the live environment.

With this integration, Ethereum-based dApps can directly access Umbrella Network’s decentralized oracles. Umbrella Network is a decentralized Layer 2 oracle platform that offers high-speed and reliable data service to the DeFi market at low costs. Consequently, this will help developers to receive data that is reliable, comprehensive, and cost-effective. Additionally, the team also has plans to integrate and support additional chains in the near future.

4 – Flare’s Canary Network Set to Launch Songbird After the Observation Stage

Flare’s canary network has revealed the launch of Songbird after the observation stage. As per the announcement, Songbird will have gone through three different phases before the official launch. The first of these phases is observation mode, which was ended on September 27. Effectively, this observation mode served to deploy and test the underlying network along with the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO).

In addition, the remaining two protocols are named the State Connector and the F-Asset contracts. Subsequently, both protocols will be deployed on Songbird for testing before the Flare Network launch. Further, these protocols will allow tokens that do not have native smart contracts to directly access and be used in a scalable fashion on Flare in decentralized applications, such as fast and complex payments, metaverses, NFTs, DeFi, and gaming.

Songbird endeavors to be a combination of an advanced testing network and, in the future, a place for testing governance-based updates to Flare itself. Overall, Flare is a scalable, low-cost, low-carbon, highly decentralized smart contract platform that runs the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Once the testing phase is over, the consensus is delivered entirely to external validators, and its SGB token will be used as governance by the community.

5 – Blockchain Gaming Launchpad EnjinStarter Launched on Uniswap

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have EnjinStarter announcing its launch on Uniswap. EnjinStarter is a dedicated blockchain gaming launchpad focused on blockchain games, NFTs, and the metaverses.

Impressively, this token is built on Enjin’s Jumpnet for building an ecosystem for Enjin and Efinity. In addition, developers and content creators will develop strategies for utilizing digital assets in their games and projects.

Today, the native token of EnjinStarter named EJS has launched on Uniswap. It has a circulating supply of 4,981,250,000 EJS coins and has a total supply of 4,981,250,000. Hence, gamers and other users can grab this opportunity to accumulate EJS through Uniswap. More information regarding this Uniswap liquidity can be found here.

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