Top Crypto News 10/15

Most of the cryptocurrencies are trading sideways while Bitcoin is attempting the 60k region. Ethereum stabilizes around $3800 with the fear and greed index still showing Greed.

Let’s check out some of the day’s top Crypto News stories.

1) KSM Starter Staking is Live

KSM Starter has launched its staking program. It is a primary launchpad on Kusama, modeled as an incubator. Its purpose is to provide early-stage support and public funding for projects building on Substrate.

Staking is now available on Ethereum and Moonbeam networks.

KSM Starter has also released a detailed guide on staking and their proposed tier system. You can find the guide here. Users can access the staking pool using the link given below.

KSM Staking

2) Elrond Network Integrates with Litentry Platform

Smart Contract platform Elrond has announced integration with the Litentry platform. Litentry is a decentralized identity aggregation platform. It is a major player in the sphere of digital identity.  It can unify the ownership of multiple accounts and associated assets on different blockchains under one identity.

For Elrond Network, the integration helps to enable web 3.0 solutions.

3) Lossless Smart Contract Deployment Platform is Live

LosslessDefi has announced the launch of its Token Minter platform. Lossless says the Token Minter is a handy tool to launch smart contracts without any coding. It also offers an option for the tokens to get audited by Hacken.

Lossless has also reinstated its Unicrypt staking pool with 15,466% APY. The link to access the farming platform is here.

4) DeFi Warrior Live on Testnet

The DeFi Warrior game has launched on testnet. It is the first crypto character and crypto galaxy game. In the game, each blockchain is a planet, and each crypto is a warrior. Players can:

  1. own NFT warriors
  2. farm
  3. mine
  4. have player vs player battles, and
  5. fight in championships to earn rewards.

The warrior can also level up to maximize the benefit for players. And real-time crypto price movement boosts the capabilities of the NFTs.

5) EnjinStarter Announces Second IDO Game

Enjinstarter has announced another IDO, Gaia Everworld. This comes after a successful first IDO, which sold out in 45 minutes.

Gaia is a multi-region fantasy world in which players can build kingdoms, explore the lands, collect, breed, and battle their Gaia Legionnaires. It has two native tokens $GAIA and $GGP, like Axie Infinity. The game also has an in-game marketplace and NFT loaning system.


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