The market is alive and kicking. Bitcoin makes a huge leap to 66k, while Ethereum registers a new All-Time High. Fear and Greed Index shows Greed prevails in the market. 

Here is your Top Crypto News for the day.

1) Cronos Mainnet and Cronos Bridge are live

Cronos has announced its cross-chain Bridge along with its mainnet launch. 

This is a major milestone in scaling the DeFi ecosystem as a whole. Currently, users can transfer assets using App and Exchange. App has also integrated Cronos mainnet and has released CRC20 assets. 


Cronos  is the first Cosmos EVM chain for DeFi, NFTs, and Metaverse. It helps to port apps from Ethereum Network and supports other EVM compatible chains. This helps massive DeFi scaling become possible. 

Cronos has also announced Cronos Gravity Bridge for Q4 of 2021. 

$CRO, the native token of, reached a New All-Time High of 41 cents. 


2) Step Hero Steps into P2E Gaming

Popular NFT RPG Game Step Hero announces Play-To-Earn use case of HERO NFTs. Step Hero partnered with Xantus last week to create a play-to earn metaverse. And $STEP, $HERO & HERO NFTs will govern this multiverse. The game now enables play to earn use cases for Hero NFTs. 

Step Hero’s HERO NFTs. (Source :

Step Hero also announced an airdrop campaign for the community. You can participate in the airdrop using this link. 100 participants will share 2,000 $HERO tokens. 

$STEP and $HERO tokens are available on Pancakeswap. 


3) GemGuardian Announces NFT Staking

Play to earn NFT card game Gem Guardian has announced its NFT staking program. The NFT staking will go live on 15th November 2021.

Gem Guardian is unique in many aspects.

It is one of the play to earn games with a minimal initial investment. You can buy a starter pack for 5 $GEMG. $GEMG is the native token of the Gem Guardian ecosystem. You can get $GEMG for 1.5 dollars in PancakeSwap and Mexc. 


4) YouClout NFT Marketplace is Live

YouClout is a community-driven TikTok-style NFT Marketplace. It helps influencers and content creators to monetize their brand.

Its native token $YCT is powering the YouClout platform. $YCT holders can also get access to private conferences managed by YouClout.


$YCT is trading around 4 cents at the time of writing. The token is available only on Pancakeswap and has a trading volume of 0.4 million dollars. 

YouClout has also announced its plans for staking and farming.


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