The market is trading sideways. Bitcoin stabilizes in the 66k region. In the meantime, Ethereum trades around 4700 dollars. Fear and Greed Index points to Greed. 

Here is your Top Crypto News for the day.


1) Mastercard is Launching Crypto Payment Cards

Payments giant Mastercard announces crypto-linked payment cards. The cards will be for the Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, this initiative is set to become the region’s first of its kind. 

Consumers and Businesses alike can apply for Prepaid, Debit, or Credit cards. Meanwhile, Mastercard is collaborating with 3 regional crypto exchanges to provide the service.  

For instance, users can instantly convert their crypto to fiat. Above all, with Visa and Mastercard actively pursuing crypto, public adoption is also skyrocketing.

Towards the end of October, Mastercard announced a partnership with Bakkt to offer crypto in the US.

2) Cryption is Coming to Harmony

Cryption Network receives a $50,000 dollar grant from Harmony. Multi-chain DeFi protocol Cryption is coming to Harmony. Cryption can use the grant for integrating with the Harmony blockchain. The network brings cross-chain Staking and PolyDEX to Harmony.

Cryption focuses on retail-based DeFi. In other words, this is likely to boost the retail adoption of the Harmony ecosystem.

How Harmony Can Benefit?

Cryption brings in some unique features like;

  • PolyDEX — L2 Swap
  • Elastic Farming
  • Non-Custodial Portfolio Management


3) RockX Launches Cartesi Staking Pool

RockX announces Cartesi staking pool with Noether’s delegation. 

About RockX

RockX is one of the leading staking platforms in Asia. It stakes around 200 million dollars worth of tokens.

In addition, RockX is also bringing institutional-grade validators to Cartesi. This will improve the security and stability of the Staking pool.

Moreover, you can visit rockx for more details.



4) NFTrade Receives Solana Grant

NFTrade is a decentralized NFT platform with a cross-chain NFT marketplace. 

For example, it is currently integrated with

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • and Avalanche networks.

Certainly, the grant will help NFTrade integrate with the Solana mainnet. 


Why NFTrade?

  • NFTrade can use the faster Solana blockchain with minimal gas fees.
  • NFTrade aggregates all NFT marketplaces. Additionally, this is a great opportunity for Solana users.
  • Users can create, buy and sell NFTs, making NFTrade a one-stop NFT solution.
  • Users can also earn exclusive Solana NFTs through NFT farming. 

The native token of NFTrade is $NFTD. It has a total supply of 135 million and is trading around 0.54 dollars. $NFTD is available on, PancakeSwap, Uniswap and TraderJoe.  


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