rtnerships are regular in crypto. Many projects partner with others to grow. For example, a DeFi protocol can partner with a Web3 gaming platform to increase its reach or add more features.

In this article, you will discover our recent crypto partnerships and what they have in store for us.

1) Nibiru Chain

The Nibiru Chain is a Layer 1 blockchain that prioritizes security and efficiency. It handles transactions in a very efficient manner and It runs with advanced security technologies to safeguard the blockchain. Nibiru chain has SDKs for various programming languages. 

It also provides tools to make building decentralized applications more accessible to developers. So, Nibiru chain is building Nibiru EVM so that Ethereum-based developers can launch dApps.

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The $NIBI token is $0.1249 and has a market cap of $25 million.  Nibiru partnered with RWA Inc., a platform connecting traditional finance with blockchain technology. RWA Inc leverages blockchain technology to improve real assets investments.

The partnership between Nibiru Chain and RWA Inc. will enhance user experience and asset tokenization. RWA Inc. and Nibiru will bring new participants into the market. Nibiru has intelligent features and user-based tools, making the blockchain space more accessible.

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2) API3

API3 allows API providers to offer services to blockchain applications without intermediaries. API3 is community-driven, and token holders make decisions. It’s important to say that users can take part in governance and staking. You can also access APIs using the native token, $API3. $API3 is $2.24 with a market cap of $258 million.

So, API3 partnered with Hana Finance to bring about more innovations. Hana Finance is a decentralized, non-custodial liquidity market protocol built on Taiko. The protocol also allows the users to act either as suppliers of liquidity or demanders of it. Suppliers earn rewards by providing liquidity, while borrowers get an opportunity to get liquidity.

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You will see more improvements as API3 pairs with Hana Finance. It establishes platforms with accurate data and advanced smart contract functions.

3) LogX

LogX Network is a derivatives trading platform that offers scalability and interoperability across various blockchains. LogX is currently the most omnipresent perpetual decentralized exchange. It has already facilitated trades exceeding $16 billion.

LogX partnered with Okto. Okto is changing what we know about chain abstraction. It creates an orchestration layer to enhance development and user experience on web3 platforms. Okto provides easy-to-use SDKs that allow developers to build next-generation applications.

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Okto Chain removes the complexities of Web3, making it accessible to everyone. It gives you this web2 feeling, bridging the gap between web2 and web3 applications. Okto makes it easier for developers and users to interact with web3 applications. So, Okto and LogX partnered to bring some innovations to life. When using features from both LogX and Okto, there will be more earning opportunities.

4) DexCheck AI

DexCheck AI uses AI to offer blockchain analytics and trading signals on a single screen. It helps traders understand Blockchain data, limiting its complexity. It also has a copy trading feature that tracks successful traders.

DexCheck partnered with Blast L2 to improve its features and utilities. The recent update to DexCheck provides more accurate data on token trading on Blast L2. They also receive time-sensitive information about the marketplace on Blast L2.

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DexCheck helps you make better trading decisions based on the information from Blast L2. Blast L2 brings a unique idea to Layer 2 solutions by focusing on native yield generation that L2 has ways you can earn yield on-chain. Blast L2 is an optimistic rollup compatible with EVM. By integrating with DexCheck, Blast L2 offers increased value to users.

5) FuelOnBlast

FuelOnBlast empowers creators by offering customizable token creation and liquidity solutions. You do not need upfront capital to take part in this. Project creators can configure a token by providing specific details. Creators can borrow initial liquidity (Fuel) from selected exchanges or provide capital. Fuel On Blast creates a liquidity pool on the chosen exchange and adds the total token supply. With Fuel On Blast, creators can launch tokens with ease.

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FuelOnBlast removes the financial constraints of token launches. It fosters creativity and increases the adoption of new projects. FuelOnBlast partnered with Collably Network to bring some innovations to the blockchain space. Collably Network would assist Fuel On Blast in identifying suitable partners for integration. This collaboration enables Fuel On Blast and  Collably to develop their technology and tools.



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