Top DeFi Updates | May Week 4

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space has continued to attract the attention of top players, investors, and enthusiasts.

To keep users informed, Altcoin Buzz has published some of the top DeFi updates that took place in the blockchain and crypto space last week. These top DeFi updates range from strategic partnerships, important updates, project launches, etc. Among these top DeFi updates is’s strategic commitment to becoming carbon negative, Elrond’s partnership with Oddz, Paid Network dApp upgrades, and more.

1. (CRO) Announces Commitment to Climate Sustainability

Popular fintech and crypto card issuing platform has disclosed plans to become carbon native within 18 months. The platform, according to reports, plans to offset all the carbon emissions brought on by its activities since its inception. Also, disclosing that it would carry out its goal of becoming carbon negative using a multi-phase plan. The plans will take place in three phases and within 18 months.

  • The first phase will basically assess the carbon generated through activities like crypto trading, NFT, DeFi, etc.
  • This will be followed by the second phase which will involve proposing effective ways to offset the carbon generated.
  • The third phase will also assess carbon generated but this time from business activities on apart from trading.

2. Blind Boxes | e-Money Partnership

The world’s first-ever NFT gamified platform Blind Boxes has strategically partnered with e-Money. The Danish Blockchain platform will make it possible for interested persons to purchase BlindBoxes with their native currencies.

3. Paralink Network | Polygon Partnership

Paralink Network has announced a strategic partnership with Polygon formerly Network. Thanks to the partnership, Paralink multi-chain oracle solution has been integrated into Polygon. Therefore, providing both platforms with top-notch real-time data feeds.

4. OpenOcean Joins Solana as DEX Aggregator

OpenOcean is now the first-ever DEX aggregator on Solana. Now, OpenOcean users will enjoy high throughput, low fees, and also the generally conducive crypto trading environment Solana is known for.

5. Polkamarkets | DAFI protocol – Collaborate to Facilitate Synthetic Token Incentivization

Polkamarkets has strategically partnered with DAFI protocol to facilitate the launch of synthetic token rewards. The partnership will make it possible for DAFI synthetic tokens to be available on Polkamarkets prediction platform. Also, Polkamarkets will reward its long-term users with DAFI synthetic tokens.

6. Coin98 Extension Wallet V5.1.0 Now on 3 Blockchains

Coin98 Extension Wallet V5.1.0 is now available on three top blockchain platforms namely Cosmos, Band Protocol, and THORChain. The launch will also facilitate seamless, top-notch access to carry out DeFi transactions.

Cosmos, ThorChain, and Band Protocol join several other blockchains on Coin98 extension namely: Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Tron, Avalanche, Near, Celo, Binance Chain, Polkadot, etc.

7. Umbrella Network Now on BSC Testnet

Umbrella Network has announced a strategic partnership with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to assist Dapp developers. Developers can now bypass Ethereum’s high gas fees and build dApps on BSC, thanks to the partnership with UMB Network.

8. PAID Network Upgrade Its Dapp Features

Popular DeFi platform PAID Network has revealed details of several updates to its dApp features. The recently upgraded PAID Network dApp features will include:

  • Smart contract rewrite
  • Recently launched BSC bridge
  • IPLD integration
  • PAID dApp UI/UX update
  • Connext integration
  • Cemento Library integration
  • Decentralized Identity (DID) support, etc.
9. ZeroSwap Now on Polygon Chain

ZeroSwap, last week, announced a strategic expansion to Polygon. According to reports, the partnership will make it possible for ZeroSwap to expand its features. Some of these features include its bi-directional bridge, Initial DEX Offering (IDO), MultiChain Exchange, etc. Also, plans are in place to facilitate the farming of tokens supported by Polygon on ZeroSwap in the near future.

10. Elrond | Oddz Finance Partnership

Elrond strategically partnered with decentralized options trading platform Oddz Finance last week. The partnership will help Oddz Finance improve its options trading platform, while it continues to securely carry out trustless option contracts.

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