Top Upcoming Crypto Events (04/16 - 04/22)

The blockchain and cryptocurrency space has garnered global attention. Many people are looking to find out more about this trending space and its accompanying features like DeFi, lending, staking, IDOs, etc.

To keep interested persons abreast of situations, we have listed several upcoming crypto events expected to take place next week.

  1. Convergence Finance ConvX Testnet Launch

Convergence Finance is a DeFI platform known to combine security tokens with the liquidity and transparency of decentralized finance (DeFi). ConvX is Convergence Finance’s decentralized AMM. It provides interested users with the ability to trade wrapped security and utility tokens for real-life assets on decentralized finance (DeFi). It also provides users with 24/7 trading and price discovery ability.

The testnet launch date, although not yet specified, is expected to go live this coming week. Interestingly, the testnet launch will also include a bug bounty event. Following the testnet launch, three assets (USDT, CONV, and ETH) will immediately be available for swapping. Plans are in place to add more crypto assets in the near future.

2. Cere Network IDO Sale on Polkastarter

Next-gen DeFi platform Cere Network is currently carrying out the world’s first-ever tri-public token sale. The last phase of the token sale will take place on Polkastarter, starting April 19, 2021. The other phases took place on Republic and DAO Maker, respectively.

3. DeHive (DHV) IDO on Poolz

Poolz launchpad will provide support for the upcoming DeHive (DHV) IDO sale. The IDO sale is scheduled to take place on April 20, 2021. The token price is $3, and an estimated $60,000 is expected to be raised. The whitelist for the upcoming IDO is currently open.

4. Origin Protocol Jake Paul NFT Drop

Jake Paul, a well-known social media content creator, pro boxer, and brother of Logan Paul, has disclosed plans to launch the world’s first-ever boxing-themed NFT. The NFT launch will take place on Origin Protocol’s NFT launchpad at Jake Paul has disclosed that the launch will involve five open edition NFTs. These NFTs will be available to interested buyers within a limited time frame. It will also include a strategic “auction for exclusive NFTs and ultra-exclusive experiences and prizes for 69 winning bidders.”

The auction will take place on April 17, 2021, the same day as Jake Paul’s boxing fight against former UFC star Ben Askren. The open editions of the boxing match will be available after the fight at 1:00 am (EDT) on April 18th. The auction will also go live immediately after the open edition at 1:15 am (EDT) and will take place for approximately 58 hours. That is, the auction concludes on April 20, 2021, at 12:49 pm (EDT).

5. Genesis Vision Gateway to Launch on BSC and XDai

Genesis Vision Protocol is focused on the tokenization of trading strategies. In line with this, the protocol has announced the launch of its Vision Gateway, which will open up Genesis protocol to the amazing world of DeFi. The Gateway is scheduled to go live on XDai Chain on April 19, 2021. As for Binance Smart Chain, Vision Gateway was supposed to go live on April 14, 2021, but that deadline was pushed back a day.

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