URC Token Launch: Airdrops Await on Jupiter Exchange

This launch marks a significant milestone for UpRock, offering investors and enthusiasts an opportunity to participate in its ecosystem.

What sets this launch apart is UpRock’s commitment to rewarding its community members. Let’s discover more about the URC token.

Get Ready for UpRock’s URC Token Launch on Jupiter

One of the key highlights of UpRock’s launch strategy is the inclusion of an airdrop for DAO voters on the Jupiter platform. This airdrop is part of UpRock’s efforts to incentivize community participation and engagement. Voters during LFG Round #2 will receive this airdrop, providing an additional benefit for those actively involved in shaping UpRock’s future. You can find more info here.

Moreover, UpRock is going above and beyond by offering an additional airdrop for voters who participated in both LFG Round #1 and LFG Round #2. This loyalty bonus rewards those who have consistently supported UpRock’s vision, further strengthening the bond between the project and its community.

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But the rewards don’t stop there. UpRock has also announced Active Staking Rewards, scheduled for July, which will distribute 0.75% of UpRock’s token supply to participants in the LFG Launchpad. This move emphasizes UpRock’s commitment to fostering long-term engagement and participation among its supporters.

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By incentivizing participation at various stages of its launch, UpRock aims to create a vibrant and engaged community that is actively involved in the project’s development and growth.


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