Watford FC incorporated digital assets with its recent partnership with Republic.

The partnership will create a token and allow fans to sell a 10% stake in the club. It would also increase fan engagement and attract potential. Read on to know the details of Watford FC’s staking for fans.

Watford FC Partners with Republic 

Football clubs are increasing their numbers with fan tokens and fan engagement. Watford FC, a football club in England, took the initiative and partnered with Republic to create fan tokens. That’s not all; they also provide a means to sell 10% of the club’s equity to fans and investors. 

Watford FC’s Chief Executive, Scott Duxbury, said the partnership aligns with the club’s plans for delivering its goals. This means that the 10% stake will be available to fans and investors. Staking is different from what we experience in regular Blockchain. Here, stakers do not have voting rights in club decisions. Stakers get an extra source of revenue and some extra benefits.

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How Sports Clubs are Adopting Crypto

There has been a growing increase in fan tokens. A few top football clubs have adopted fan tokens into their club activities. Adopting the use of fan tokens creates a more engaging community.

Fan tokens get fans closer to football clubs and a revenue generation means. Watford FC got into this trend, increasing its fan engagement and community activity. You have more info about Watford FC’s milestone here.

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Watford FC’s adoption of the fan tokenization trend only means they want to spread their arms. They intend to bring fans closer to the club and give them exclusive access to club activities.


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