WEN Teams Up with Bonk for Burn Program

This collaboration is a significant step forward for both projects, promising added benefits to their communities.

The burn program operates on a simple yet impactful principle.
Innovative Burn Program Boosts WEN Coin Value
Whenever users trade through BONK, a portion of the trading volume fee is allocated to buy back WEN tokens from the market. Specifically, 20% of the trading volume fee from new users and 10% from existing users is utilized for this purpose. This mechanism ensures a continuous demand for WEN tokens, effectively reducing the total supply over time.

By channeling trading fees into the buyback of WEN tokens, the burn program contributes to the scarcity and value appreciation of the cryptocurrency. Additionally, it aligns the interests of traders and investors with the long-term success of the WEN project.

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As tokens are systematically removed from circulation through buybacks, the remaining tokens become more scarce, potentially leading to price appreciation. This mechanism not only benefits existing token holders but also incentivizes new users to join the ecosystem, driving further demand for WEN.

More About WEN

Sanctum has developed wenSOL, a token that allows holders to support the Wen-run validator and secure the network while earning attractive staking rewards. By holding wenSOL, users not only contribute to network security but also become eligible for future incentives, including NFT airdrops and WEN rewards.

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Essentially, holding wenSOL means supporting the WEN validator and enjoying additional community rewards.


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