WEYU Partners with UNHCR

Something we don’t talk about often enough in the industry is how crypto is a force for good. Whether it’s helping people access clean water or build schools, or just letting unbanked people move money around, crypto helps people. WEYU wants to be a force for good too.

Now, they are on the list of cryptoeconomy companies helping others with a new partnership with the UNHCR. WEYU is in the NFT business and works with many chains to develop resale markets for the tokens.

Who is the UNHCR?

Other firms like Cardano have partnerships with the UN. But this partnership with WEYU is unique. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees is the UN refugee agency. It goes by UNHCR. UNHCR reports that a full 1% of the world’s population is displaced. This is a crazy high number and more than 2/3 come from only 5 countries:

  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Afghanistan
  • South Sudan
  • and Myanmar

WEYU will use its knowledge of the NFT market to work with the UNHCR to help refugees to create, mint, and earn through NFTs. The idea is this will help the refugees support themselves no matter when they end up. Crypto’s digital nature means these people can redeem for cash no matter where they resettle. This is a big advantage for the UN, which often has to rely on the generosity of other countries to take refugees in. And that’s without knowing which countries or how many people they will accept.

Project Kickoff and How to Follow Its Progress

The project begins this Monday, November 8th. You can follow on WEYU’s Twitter, Telegram, and/or Discord to see when the first NFTs mint so you can buy and support this great cause.

WEYU Price Activity

WEYU has its own token $WEYU & is up almost 10% on very light trading at $.0458, according to Coingecko. It has a circulating supply of ~ 50 million with a total supply of 5 billion, per their website.

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