What's Happening in the Current Crypto Market?

Bitcoin has dropped below the blue line ($67k). We have kept our strategy simple.

Let’s explore more about what is happening in this crypto market.

What’s Unfolding in Today’s Crypto Market?

Above the blue line, BTC price action is bullish for alts. Below the blue line and above the red line ($60.7k), Bitcoin is strong, and alts will suffer. Below the red line, the second wave of the bull market is over.

How Many Bullish Waves Are We Expecting?

The first bullish wave was a recovery from the bear market lows. The second was a more exponential and explosive wave that crossed the ATH. We are yet to have a third wave that can push BTC to $85k+.

So, we expect a third wave soon, which will give altcoins the upper hand. New alts will register new highs, and liquidity will be drained from old redundant alts.

What’s Happening in the Market?

We all want a bullish market. However, the market needs reasons and liquidity to stay bullish for long. What are the reasons?

  • US elections ensure a positive market mood for bulls
  • High inflation has created a money crisis. Investors need assets that can outperform inflation, and the BTC ETF and the upcoming ETH ETF are excellent assets.
  • The usual bull cycle is followed by the halving.

All these reasons remain valid. Let’s check the volume and liquidity.

Volume has been down since March, so the market lacks volume to push the price up or down. The first-way volatility can enter BTC is through increasing volume. However, we can see that the volume is not there. The next option is artificial volume (in perpetual exchanges).

This artificial volume is possible through liquidations. There has been no significant liquidation event since March.

This means the market is quiet now. We should be happy because:

  • The more quite the market is, the more violent the pump will be.
  • The longer the quietness, the longer the bullish wave will be.


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