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As every year, on a Sunday in February, the Superbowl brings together many people in front of the television not only to watch the football game but also to watch the halftime event.

This year, in Superbowl XVI, we had for the first time, two crypto companies appear in the event. In this article, you will discover which Crypto Companies in Superbowl are they and the impact that they created for their brands and the ecosystem.

4 Big Crypto Companies to the Mainstream

It is very likely that the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Superbowl” is the halftime show and the advertising campaigns they broadcast, right? Those of us who don’t live in the United States often just turn on the TV for that moment and let ourselves be surprised by their ingenious commercials.

Companies like Frito-lay, Cheetos, Guinness, Amazon, Dexcom, Doritos, and other very popular companies decided to invest in this effective ads platform. But, four more companies made their first appearance:  FTX, E-Trade,, Coinbase, and E-toro.

In this video, you can see all the crypto commercial ads on the Superbowl XVI:

Therefore, the ad commercial that caught our attention was from FTX. It’s a very funny article where a man passes through different parts of human history and refuses to see that every change will happen. In the end, a younger man presents him with the FTX app and he continues saying that cryptocurrencies won’t be a reality.

Also, it’s is a pretty good strategy as many who watch the Superbowl commercials have not heard of the ecosystem and tend to be in denial about the future, which will be crypto.

The Morgan Standley platform, E-Trade, and Coinbase Made its Mainstream Appearance

Also, it’s important to mention E-Trade. It’s an investment platform that Morgan Standley has launched to make anyone can invest in their future. It’s an all-in-one investment platform where people can put their money to be a Brokerage. Also, they can invest in their retirement plan or core portfolios, small business, and banks.

On the other hand, it’s very important to mention that Coinbase also appears with a very special kind of ad. You can see in the tweet above that 100 million people watched.

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