Deversifi airdrop program

Ethereum layer two scaling protocol, DeversiFi, has become the latest to reward users with a token airdrop.

Starting on December 2th, DeversiFi began a token airdrop campaign of their native token called $DVF to their users. The team stated that DeversiFi Labs is carrying out the airdrop on behalf of the DVF DAO.

According to the annoucement, it will be a total supply of 7,224,450 $DVF tokens available to be claimed by two groups. Active users of the DeversiFi protocol and wallets held $NEC tokens in March 2021 will be eligible for the airdrop. As many as 25,000 $DVF tokens will be distributed weekly to traders on the platform.

Also, the total number of available tokens is worth an estimated USD 76 million at current prices.

Furthermore, the announcement added that recipients would have three months from December 2th to claim their tokens. Users that didn’t claimed its tokens will be returned to the DAO treasury on March 2th, 2022.

The inaugural airdrop follows the first phase of the platform automated market maker (AMM) pools and trader rewards program.

Diversify is a Scaling Version of Ethereum 

DeversiFi is an Ethereum layer two exchange focused on DeFi. Therefore, users can swap, buy, sell tokens, and make transfers without paying Ethereum transaction fees. It uses zk-rollups to scale Ethereum offering faster and cheaper transactions.

Also, the most important use case of the $DVF token is for the governance protocol, which users can trade on Uniswap, which has seen $2.5 million in volume over the past 24 hours.

AdditionallyDeversiFi’s’sAdditionallyDeversiFi’s’s TVL (total value locked) has skyrocketed leading up to the airdrop. Thes” “airdrop farme “s” have jumped onto the platform at the last minute in the hope of getting some free tokens. However, the team has recognized this activity by using a’ ‘active filter to detect accounts that have traded a minimal amount.

On the other hand, according to DeFiLlama, TVL has surged 140% since late November.

Deversifi TVL

Source: DeFillama

$DVF Price Reaction

Finally, the $DVF is USD 10.79, with a decrease of 16.7% in the past 12 hours. Also, $DVF has a current marketcap of USD 74.8 million and a 24-hour trading value of USD 10.2 million.

DVF hit an all-time high of $18.30 on November 26th, but it has now retreated 42% from that peak.

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