XRP Live for NY Residents on Coinbase

This marks a milestone, making XRP more accessible to a major U.S. financial market.

Coinbase has officially extended its support for XRP to customers in New York.
Expanded Access to XRP for NY Residents
Coinbase users in New York can now easily buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store XRP.

This move is part of Coinbase’s effort to expand its offerings and enhance user trading experience.

The inclusion of XRP on Coinbase for New York residents follows rigorous compliance checks and regulatory approvals. New York, known for its stringent financial regulations, has always posed a unique challenge for cryptocurrency exchanges. However, Coinbase’s successful navigation of these regulations underscores its commitment to providing a secure and compliant platform for its users.

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To get started, New York residents with existing Coinbase accounts can simply log in through the Coinbase website or mobile apps. New users will need to sign up and complete the necessary verification processes. Users can access XRP from the ‘Trade’ tab to buy, sell, or convert it using various payment methods.

More About Coinbase
Coinbase recently unveiled the findings of a recent poll conducted by Paradigm, surveying 1000 registered voters. The data underscores a pivotal message: crypto isn’t merely a technological novelty but a vital alternative within our financial landscape.
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The survey highlights that a staggering 69% of Americans express dissatisfaction with the existing financial system, propelling many towards crypto as an avenue where they wield control, unlike the traditional dominance of big banks.


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