Avalanche remains a strong network for DeFi projects seeking to scale. The platform is a decentralized, open-source proof-of-stake blockchain. It also has smart contract functionality. AVAX, Avalanche’s native token, powers the entire Avalanche ecosystem.

The crypto market has been rough since the year began. However, Avalanche has managed to keep moving forward the last few months. But, AVAX is currently a far cry from what it was at the start of the year and is miles away from its all-time high. Notwithstanding the token’s decline, Avalanche’s faithful are hopeful that the token will reflect the network’s reputation for growth.

Since the year began, Altcoin Buzz has kept readers in touch with events from Avalanche’s community on a weekly basis. If you want to read our last week’s report, click here. Otherwise, scroll down to see what went down in the second week of May.

QuickNode and Avalanche to Power the Future of Web3

QuickNode is a leading Web3 cloud platform. It is used for building blockchain-powered applications. After weeks of speculation, the platform announced the launch of Avalanche support. QuickNode has one of the most robust developer communities. The cloud platform boasts over 40,000 developers in its community. However, supporting Avalanche is more than a game-changer. Developers will now have access to one of the fastest networks in the blockchain world as a result of this partnership.

Avalanche foots the bill for what developers are looking for. For a start, it is EVM compatible. Secondly, the scalable protocol processes thousands of transactions per second. Thirdly, a proof-of-stake model secures its consensus. Avalanche’s addition of subnets is a new entrance point for projects. The list is endless, and so are the possibilities of this partnership.

“This integration makes it simple for Avalanche developers to focus on building, while QuickNode handles the infrastructure layer.” —Alex Nabutovsky, CEO of QuickNode

Guarda Wallet Supports Avalanche

Guarda Wallet is an all-in-one solution for modern crypto management. Users can perform a series of crypto-related actions by using a single app. The platform recently announced that it had begun to offer Avalanche support. As a result, users can exchange, store, and purchase AVAX on Guarda. The non-custodial wallet already supports popular coins like BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, etc.

Furthermore, users can easily buy AVAX with their credit cards. Kudos to Guarda. They provide the best rates so users can quickly purchase the assets they require with Visa or Mastercard. Also, users can use SEPA to buy AVAX and 50+ other cryptocurrencies because Guarda is a fully legal firm that conducts all of its transactions under the jurisdiction of the European Union. Users can also decide to exchange AVAX in addition to basic transactions such as buying and fund transfers.

Castle Crush Arrives in Avalanche

Avalanche’s team recently welcomed Castle Crush to its ecosystem. The blockchain network shared a tweet where it announced that the real-time strategy game developed by Wildlife Studios would join its ecosystem of games.

Earlier, Fernando Sette, the senior director of products at Wildlife, issued a statement on the move. He said, “We are thrilled to be building new games with Avalanche, unlocking features and functionalities that make Web3 gaming a big win for users, rather than a clunky addition to their experience.”

Fernando added, “The high performance and deeply customizable nature of Avalanche has removed the obstacles to making Web3 games that excite, intrigue, and engage our players.”

The launch on Avalanche presents Castle Crush players with new and better exposure. The game already has over 1 million monthly active users. The expansion would also lead to upgrades to the user experience and game functionality.

Avalanche Gains 680k Fans

The social media following of any project is a great indicator of its popularity. So far, Avalanche’s Twitter account has been steadily growing. As of this time last year, the platform was struggling to surpass 70k followers. But all that appears to be history. The Avalanche’s Twitter followers hit 680k earlier this month.

Social media is a great tool to assess the performance of a project. So, most investors prefer to study a project’s popularity on social media before making investments. However, this does not mean that social media numbers surpass due diligence. It only reflects the attention the project has garnered in recent times.

AVAX Price

As of this writing, AVAX trades at $28.19. It has a 24-hour trading volume of $2,371,800,025. Avalanche is down 23.03% in the last 24 hours.

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