Top DeFi news april week 3

The DeFi space has grown exponentially since its inception. Therefore, to keep our readers informed we have compiled some of last week’s top DeFi updates.

These DeFi updates include strategic partnerships, updates, product launches, etc. For example. Let’s find out some more top DeFi updates from last week.

1. Harmony Launcher DEX is Now Live

Harmony Launcher DEX platform is now online. The DEX platform is also the decentralized IDO launchpad platform for the Harmony ecosystem. Harmony Launcher DEX will make it possible for LP staking, Swaps, etc to take place on the Harmony ecosystem. Therefore, providing users with the opportunity to earn passive income.

Interestingly, Harmony Launcher is also the world’s first-ever IDO launchpad platform equipped with an AMM DEX.

2. CoverCompared Partners With Simplex

CoverCompared formerly known as PolkaCover is now in partnership with the fiat gateway platform Simplex. Simply put, Simplex provides a secure and reliable bridge between the traditional finance space and the crypto ecosystem.

Thanks to the partnership, CoverCompared users will be able to purchase $CVR tokens directly from their fiat debit and credit cards. Notably, $CVR is the native token of the CoverComapred ecosystem.

Also, CoverCompared stands as the world’s first-ever DeFi insurance marketplace. Moreover, helping to reduce the cost of insurance policies in the crypto space while still providing top-notch insurance products.

3. AU21 Capital Invests in Equilibrium DeFi

Top venture capital firm, AU21 Capital Equilibrium DeFi, recently invests in Equilibrium DeFi. The partnership will focus on facilitating the growth and development of the Equilibrium ecosystem.

Also, AU21 Capital is known for providing financial support to crypto startups and revolutionary blockchain projects. Its partnership with Equilibrium is a major feat for the entre Equilibrium DeFi ecosystem.

4. Idle DAO stkIDLE Gauges Launch

Idle DAO much-anticipated stkIDLE gauges are now officially live. Also, the stkIDLE gauges will make it possible for the DeFi protocol to access liquidity with Perpetual Yield Trenches (PYTs). Interestingly, stkIDLE gauges are a result of a unique synergy between PYTs and meta-governance. Therefore, making it possible for DeFi protocols to attract liquidity and $IDLe rewards.

Moreover, Idle DAO is also popularly known for aggregating the best available DeFi protocols. It provides access to both top-notch profit and risk control.

5. Ferrum (FRM) Now on PancakeSwap

DeFi interoperability platform Ferrum Network (FRM) is now in partnership with the DEX platform PancakeSwap. Thanks to the partnership, users can now trade $FRM and $FRMx tokens on PancakeSwap. Also, supported trading pairs include the $FRM/$BNB and $FRMx/$BNB pairs.

Notably, PancakeSwap is the most widely used DEX platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

6. DeversiFi | WalletConnect Partnership

DeFi platform DeversiFi is now in partnership with wallet dapp platform WalletConnect. WalletConnect is a platform focused on improving interoperability between different wallets. The platform has also grown steadily and can now boast of supporting over 100 wallets.

As a result, the partnership with WalletConnect will make it possible for ETH users to easily access the DeversiFi exchange. Also, the partnership will open up DeversiFi to a wide range of users. This, in turn, will boost adoption not just for DeversiFi but for the entire DeFi ecosystem.

7. Acala Network Partners With Anchor Protocol

Yet another strategic partnership rocks the DeFi ecosystem. This time around, Acala Network announces a strategic partnership with Anchor Protocol. The partnership which took place last week will be directed at growing the decentralized stablecoin ecosystem.

Moreover, the partnership will facilitate latent borrowing demand for Terra USD stablecoin $UST. This, in turn, will open up Terra to a myriad of prospective new audiences. Also, the native stablecoin for Polkadot and Kusama, $aUSD and UST will set up liquidity pools on Anchor.

8. Alpha Venture DAO Hackathon

Terra-based hackathon is currently underway. Notably, the hackathon was organized by top platforms like Alpha Venture DAO, Hashed, Terra, Coin98 wallet, etc. According to the announcement, the hackathon will span from April 13th to May 9th, 2022.

Also, the Asia-focused hackathon currently has a prize pool of $300,000.

9. Orion Virtual Order Books Launch

Thanks to Orion Protocol, the world’s first-ever Virtual Order Books (VOBs) is now live. The VOBs will also facilitate important features like:

  • Top-notch performance.
  • Advance order splitting.
  • Better liquidity efficiency.
  • Unique arbitrage.

10. CoverCompared | Cere Network Partnership

CoverCompared formerly PolkaCover is in partnership with the decentralized cloud platform, Cere Network. Therefore, providing interested persons with access to insurance products. Also, purchasing insurance products on the CoverCompared app will result in a 10% discount.

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