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hi, a ground-breaking crypto exchange and mobile banking platform, is expanding its offering to a wider audience. The platform’s membership token, hi, will be listed on Bitfinex, a global digital asset trading platform, on March 4, 2022.

Following the listing, users can begin making deposits on Bitfinex on March 8, 2022, at 10:00 AM CET. However, they can only buy or sell hi for US dollars or Tether (USDT) for the time being. Soon after, trading will begin.

Speaking of the importance of its listing, co-founder Sean Rach told Altcoin Buzz of the excitement surrounding listing on a top centralized exchange. He said, “We’ve been excited to share the news of $hi listing on Bitfinex with the Altcoin Buzz community for some time. The news about our membership token $hi listing on a major centralized exchange is huge. And the response so far from our community has been phenomenal. The listing is expected to boost the interest in our token and support our ambition to deliver value for 1 billion+ members.”

Several projects have emerged to fix loopholes in the crypto space. hi is one of the many projects empowering crypto users with opportunities to earn like never before. Most tech platforms get richer from their user base; however, hi ensures that the entire community benefits.

 Plans for a Wider Adoption

The crypto platform aims to increase its adoption with its listing on Bitfinex and expand its reach. So far, the project has made a series of moves on the path to global adoption. For example, it recently announced a key collaboration with Contis, a leading Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider in Europe.

Following the partnership with Contis, active hi users will have access to greater market exposure. This means they can spend their digital assets at over 60 million merchants using a hi debit card later this year. Furthermore, as part of its push for growth, hi also announced a $200 million hi Liquidity Provider Rewards Program last month. This program is one of the world’s largest of its sort.

In addition, hi’s team outlined a series of services to enhance its platform and give users a better experience. Part of its roadmap includes:

  • NFTs and e-commerce and merchant services.
  • Crypto & Fiat services.
  • Play-to-earn games.
  • Money market services.
HI is a One-of-a-Kind Token

The hi membership token is a key part of hi’s community. hi’s userbase has spilled into over 190 markets and utilizes the token to power their transactions. The membership token is now issued on the Ethereum and BSC blockchains, but after the network launches, it will shift to hi’s own blockchain, hi Protocol.

The hi token comes with a series of exclusive benefits. Users will enjoy these benefits based on how much hi they possess. Members who hold the token receive special financial and social perks. These include subscriptions to MasterClass. Furthermore, they’ll get luxury travel incentives at 5-star hotel destinations around the globe. The membership token also offers income power-ups.

About hi

hi utilizes blockchain technology to create the most user-friendly and functional crypto and fiat app in the world. The hi app incorporates elements of a cryptocurrency exchange with those of a next-generation digital banking platform. This gives its members a one-stop-shop for payments, investments, and savings. The crypto platform has an impressive user record. Furthermore, over 3.3 million people have signed up since its launch.

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