How to Find the Best Vaults on DeFi

There’s been a lot of unexpected changes in the entire DeFi ecosystem, especially with the recent TerraUSD (UST) stablecoin crisis.

It is therefore of paramount importance that DeFi investors have access to the best vaults available. Vaults that will provide them with the best APYs possible as well as also protecting their assets. CoinDIX, a DeFi tracking tool, is equipped to help DeFi investors locate the best vaults in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Volatility is not a new phenomenon in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. A vault may start the day providing its users with APYs as high as 100% and end the day with rates as low as 10%. This then begs the question of how to locate the best and most reliable vaults in the DeFi ecosystem. Prior to the launch of CoinDIX, DeFi investors had to manually comb through DeFi protocols to locate vaults with the highest APYs. CoinDIX brings an end to such drudgery. The tool is designed to automatically search out vaults with the best rates, aggregate this information, and make them available to willing DeFi investors.

CoinDIX also boasts a unique, seamless, and easy-to-use interface. Making its tool operable even to novices and upcoming DeFi enthusiasts. According to its website, CoinDIX is currently in charge of over 10,000 vaults, 63 protocols, and 27 chains. Also, the DeFi tracking tool currently monitors an estimated $54,742,768,811 worth of assets.

Finding the Best DeFi Vaults on CoinDIX
  • First, is to locate the CoinDIX website here.
  • On the top right-hand corner of the website, you will find a list of trending vaults and the top stablecoins.

CoinDIX Best Vaults

Source: CoinDIX

  • Also, to find out more about a particular vault, you only need to select the vault on the website. Once a vault is selected, CoinDIX will provide important details about the vault like its APY rates and TVL. As well as variations in both TVL and APY rates that have occurred over a specific period.

A perfect example of this is the BNB/BUSD vault.

BNB/BUSD Best Vaults

Source: CoinDIX

  • Apart from selecting vaults, interested persons can also select a protocol or chain to view their current APY rates.
  • On CoinDIX, users also have a lot of filter options. They can search for vaults and pools using filters like APY, TVL, or even individual tokens.
  • CoinDIX also offers the ability to search LP stakes, singles stakes, no impermanent loss pools, and stablecoin pools.
In Conclusion

For example, in searching for a vault, I decide to use the BNB search filter with APY greater than 50 and TVL greater than one million.

Best Vaults

Source: CoinDIX

You can furthermore find out more details about the individual vaults by selecting that particular vault. For example, the BNB/USDT vault.

The vault has an APY of 154% and a TVL of $75,271,573.


Source: CoinDIX

Lastly, CoinDIX also has a unique email alert filter. This means that users will be able to input their preferred search filters. And then get notified when a vault that satisfies the predefined filters is available. This, in turn, will further help interested persons to locate some of the best available vaults in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

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