We have some interesting Wanchain news today. Wanchain just expanded its ecosystem. They added two exciting new features. And this will add robustness and more value to their ecosystem. The Wanlend team launched a new product called Stream Trade.

Wanchain is a renowned bridge builder. And XinFin is taking full advantage of this. As a result, Wanchain is building a bridge that will connect XinFin to Wanchain, Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche.

The Stream Trade feature is a simple yet effective way of avoiding slippage. And the XinFin bridge emphasizes Wanchain’s interoperability reputation. We will explain both new products, and how they add value to the Wanchain ecosystem. 

Wanchain ecosystem

Source: Wanchain website

1) Stream Trade

Stream Trade is a versatile new product from the Wanlend team. Because slippage is a recurring problem on a DEX, the team wants to offer a solution. So whether you are buying a small or large number of tokens, Stream Trade helps you to avoid slippage. However, as you may know, slippage is a concern with large trades. It’s also an issue when the trading pool has low liquidity.

Also, Stream Trade doesn’t make one large transfer that may have up to 10% of slippage. Instead, Stream Trade will make many transactions over several days. So this is how they avoid the slippage issue. For example, you buy $100,000 WAN with wanUSDT. However, instead of one big transaction, Stream Trade splits this up. They will make 1000 smaller transactions over four days.

Moreover, currently, Stream Trade supports 12 tokens, including:













Two Benefits of Stream Trade

Stream Trade has two major benefits:

  • It Reduces Price Slippage—Instead of trading a large chunk of tokens, Stream Trade breaks the trade up. They use multiple trades over a prolonged period. Therefore, this way, a liquidity pool can re-balance. Prices in the pool remain stable. As a result, this reduces slippage and your purchase price doesn’t fluctuate as much. 
  • It Automates Dollar-Cost Averaging—DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) is a good strategy. Over a longer period, you buy or sell at a set time, a predetermined amount of crypto. Regardless of the current price. This will avoid having to determine the best buying or selling moments. However, you average out. Stream Trade allows you to set parameters on the UI. To clarify, this can be for your Wanchain price prediction or any other supported token.

This buying and selling take place in WanSwap and an ‘Agent’ executes them. Moreover, the settings are flexible. You can program different pairs or time periods. See the picture below. Also, we recently wrote an article about Wanlend, on how to increase your DeFi returns.

Wanchain ecosystem

Source: Wanlend blog

2) The XinFin Bridge

In addition, there is more exciting Wanchain news. Wanchain is building a brand new XinFin bridge. And this bridge will connect four blockchains to XinFin’s ecosystem. These are Wanchain, Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche. XinFin is a leader in global trade and in the tokenization of international trade tools like letters of credit and trade insurance. They even completed the first trade finance deal using NFTs.

So Wanchain specializes in interoperability. They build bridges that connect blockchains. These decentralized bridges will power the future of DeFi. They have been doing this since 2017. For example, in January 2021, they built the first-ever BTC-ETH bridge.

Currently, Wanchain has 14 bridges. These include chains like:

  • BNB Chain
  • EOS
  • XRP Ledger
  • Moonriver
  • Bitcoin

In addition, the newest bridge will connect XinFin with the four mentioned chains. 


To sum up, this is great news and makes the Wanchain ecosystem stronger and more valuable. Moreover, the Wanchain ecosystem keeps growing and will see an increase in users. Wanchain’s true goal is to make sure that DeFi becomes interoperable.

Stream Trade is a valuable addition to the ecosystem. It tackles the slippage problem of large transactions. Moreover, it does this in a simple yet effective way. Another stone in the foundation of the Wanchain ecosystem.

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