Potential 10x Opportunities on BSC

We spend a lot of time here at Altcoin Buzz talking about potential 100x projects. If you know us, then you know that’s our bread and butter.

But a 10x is a fantastic ROI, too. It’s taken Amazon stock investors 8 years to get a 10x, and that’s an awesome return. From Oct 2013 to December 2021, the price went from $300 to its current price of $3345. And they are a high flyer in the stock market.

And you know that you can earn a 10x in crypto MUCH faster than 8 years if you pick right.

So just how do you pick right?

10x Returns = Established Projects

Unlike our research into 100x gems, at 10x you can look at established projects. A ~$200 million market cap project like Defi for Bitcoin Sovryn could become a $2 billion project. Or a $1 billion project like DEX aggregator 1inch could become a $10 billion project.

So these are easier to find. Some platforms like Binance Smart Chain (BSC) make it even easier to find them.

They just tweeted a report of their DeFi ecosystem and 5 great projects with a market cap under $400 million. That means to go 10x would make it $4.4 billion, a big but potentially realistic goal. That’s equal to the market cap of The Sandbox.

Let’s see who BSC thinks is a great value here from their ecosystem.

  1. Anyswap
  2. Injective Protocol
  3. DODO Finance
  4. Ellipsis
  5. ApeSwap Finance

Anyswap at $397 million market cap and $23 each is the biggest on this list. They are a cross-chain protocol that works using bridges. You can bridge up to 21 different chains including the most popular Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.

Injective Protocol

Injective at $379 million and $8.65 each is next. They are a DEX where pros can trade spot with leverage or futures and across many chains.

DODO Finance

DODO Finance has a $226 million market cap and trades at $0.86. They are a DEX that works with 3 Layer 1 chains including BSC and ETH and two Layer 2 chains.

Ellipsis Finance

Ellipsis has a $138 million market cap and trades at $0.27 each. They are all about swaps and liquidity pools and they are an authorized fork of Curve.fi. Think of them as the Curve of BSC.


ApeSwap Finance is our smallest at $92.3 million and trades at $1.11 each. They are an AMM that has:

  • trading
  • swapping
  • liquidity pool
  • and yield farming capability.
Questions to Consider in This Market

Do you like exchange coins as an investment? As that’s what most of these are. The undisputed leader in this category is PancakeSwap and its value is $3 billion.

Do you think one of these could be the next PancakeSwap?

It’s much easier to think of 10x possibilities than 100x. An already established project like DODO who adds $23 million in trading volume per day making a 10x is easier to visualize than it is to figure out which small cap will become huge.

Don’t overlook these great potential 10x possibilities while trying to seek out those 100x gems.

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