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The diversity and utility of projects in the blockchain space make it an eye-catching industry. Blockchain has moved from the simple trading of coins to a new level where projects have real-world applications. 

So, some of the recent projects in the industry have applications in commerce, sports, health, security, and music. However, CryptoCart is a notable project to have emerged in recent times. This is the first of two series on this project. Now, let’s go to CryptoCart.

What Is CryptoCart?

CryptoCart is a stateless and decentralized e-commerce platform created to give its users access to a digital marketplace where they can make purchases at affordable rates using cryptocurrencies. The project’s website said its mission is to “bridge the gap between decentralized finance and e-commerce like never seen before in crypto.”

The platform offers a series of benefits to its users. However, a core gain is that they can spend some major cryptocurrencies on real-world items offered by some of the best European and US retail partners. In addition, the goods will be shipped without the users needing to worry about regulatory issues or go through crypto-to-fiat disposals. CryptoCarts also eliminates the need to perform KYC before transactions.

Furthermore, CryptoCart provides discounts, cashback, and promotional offerings/loyalty programs to holders who use the native token to transact on its marketplace. On the other hand, the CryptoCart team says it plans to “work with, and not against, the current market offerings and build on what we see as a few ‘gaps in the market by improving the systems and offerings we have seen and experienced.”

The CCV2 token is the native currency of CryptoCart. It offers several benefits to both holders and spenders. Wallets holding the CC Token will receive discounts such as cheaper shipping and a specific percentage off promotional products.

The project seems fascinating as it provides a crucial service in the industry. Almost every crypto holder is searching for a place to spend their tokens on real-world goods. That’s exactly what CryptoCart offers. So, it allows users to purchase goods from top e-commerce platforms privately and anonymously.

How to Use CryptoCart

CryptoCart has a  decent and easy-to-use interface. So, using the marketplace shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Visit the marketplace.

2. Search for your desired product

3. Then, buy a gift card of equal value

4. Finally, redeem the gift card on the vendor’s page. Then you can use the item.

CryptoCart V2

As of this article, The CCV2 token trades at $0.5363 with a 24-hour trading volume of $14,607 and a marketcap of $499,000. The token is up 4.9% in the last 24 hours and has a circulating supply of 930,000 CCV2 coins. It also has a total supply of 1 Million. You can trade the CryptoCart V2 at any of the following exchanges:

  • Bilaxy.
  • PancakeSwap (v2).
  • Uniswap (v2).

The basic use of a platform such as CryptoCart remains the same during a bull or bear market. This should be a good project if the team sticks to its game and operates a transparent community. However, nothing is set in stone in crypto. If you’d like to learn more about this project, hang around for the second part of this series.

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