In the fifth year of its Prime Day deep sales, Amazon added 12 extra hours to the bonanza this year. With more than one million deals across the globe, Amazon is expecting a sale of over $5 billion while the crypto users enjoy more discounts.

Amidst all the humdrum around the Prime day deals and sale, a few crypto payment gateways are topping the Amazon deals with additional gift cards.  Fold, a crypto payment platform piggybacked Amazon’s Prime Day sale event to promote its recently launched lightning network protocol. Every Amazon Prime account that chooses to pay using Fold receives a maximum of one $5 gift card in their prime account for every $50 shopping.

As stated by the Fold founder, Will Reeves, the promotion targets to incentivize the crypto users to hasten the crypto adoption and showcase the lightning protocol. The platform developed by Fold connects it currently to Amazon, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Uber and Whole Foods for both in-store and online purchases.

The Prime day hype is being used by other payment platforms like Moon and Purse to encourage crypto adoption by extending discounts.

Moon is offering an additional 5% discount on the Amazon marketplace deals to the 4000 Moon users with or without a Prime membership. Very soon the and will be able to pay in Moon and grab the additional discounts.

Purse connects the crypto user who buys bitcoin using a credit card to the user who sells bitcoin against the Amazon purchase savings. The platform claims the users are able to save 15% on Amazon purchase going the Purse way.


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