Jaide Barclay, an Australian woman, has completed a 12-week “crypto challenge” to travel to 10 countries using only cryptocurrencies. Jaide is a crypto-entrepreneur and co-host of Youtube show ‘Crypto With Jess & Jaide’ 

Being a crypto enthusiast, she decided to get more involved in the space and planned to travel to Europe to attend the annual London Blockchain Week to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Before starting the trip, she admitted that she had never used her cryptocurrency as a means to pay for goods and services but it is due to her interest she decided to challenge herself and see if she could “live on crypto” throughout her travels. The cryptocurrency community supported her idea on Instagram.

12 Week Crypto Challenge follows my journey across 16 cities living on cryptocurrency. I want to see if it’s possible, what cities are easier, spread the word and encourage user adoption.” She writes in her blog.

She documented the entire journey through her vlog.

I Googled places that accepted cryptocurrency in the different places I was visiting,” she said, adding that the businesses were “were either physical shops or websites that I could pay for things with crypto.”

She further added that during the end of her journey when Bitcoin prices started rising, she wanted to HODL and spend less.

As of 9th July 2019, 15076 venues across the world accept Bitcoin. More details can be found in our previous article What to Buy with Bitcoin and How to Pay with BTC?

Reference article: Australian Woman Travels to Ten Countries in 12 Weeks on Cryptocurrency Alone


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