Best Early Stage Projects With Huge Funding in May 2023 - Part 1

This is the second part of this article. You can read the first part here

Let’s keep discovering other crypto projects.

Project #1: Cetus Protocol

Cetus Protocol is a DeFi protocol, built on Aptos, where users can swap, earn, and conduct complex trading strategies in a permissionless way. Cetus has a “liquidity as a service” model. This means that protocols can easily access liquidity to build DeFi solutions.

One of his latest achievements has been completing a seed round co-led by OKX Ventures and KuCoin Ventures.

It’s important to mention that Cetus has two native tokens, CETUS and xCETUS. Also, this protocol is audited by OtterSec and MOVEBIT.

Project #2: Tristero

Tristero is a DeFi protocol that provides a new concept: Darkpools. Darkpools are exchanges that hide all unmatched orders. This means that big-money trackers or organizations won’t be able to detect these large trades. Just to have a better idea of how big this is, 18% of equities volume is already traded in dark pools.

One of his latest achievements has been raising $4.8M in a Seed round co-led by General Catalyst and Steel Perlot.

They are trying to do with liquidity what Bitcoin made for money thanks to zk cryptography and provide private transactions.

Project #3: Portals

Portals is a DeFi protocol that developed “Portals”, a new way to merge all your actions into one transaction. This means that users can stake their funds and earn yields from hundreds of DeFi opportunities at the same time. Also, users can search through DeFi protocol data, such as token and LP values, liquidity and pool information, account balances, and more.

One of his latest achievements has been completing a $2M Seed round led by Lightshift Capital.

This protocol is compatible with Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, Optimism, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum.

Project #4: OpenTrade

OpenTrade is a DeFi protocol that let Web3 treasurers and institutions access on-chain structured financial products backed by investment-grade financial assets. Users can join the waitlist. Currently backed by Circle, Polygon, Kyber Ventures, and Kronos.

One of his latest achievements has been raising $1.5M in a Seed round led by Sino Global Capital.

Currently operating on-chain, this protocol has a bankruptcy filter.

Project #5: MovEX

MovEX is the #1 decentralized exchange (DEX) on Sui Network that provides a token lifecycle from concentrated liquidity (AMM + Stable-coin AMM + order book hybrid liquidity Swap).

One of his latest achievements has been closing a funding round with participation from Mysten Labs.

Right now it’s in beta version, so you can follow their Twitter account to know more.

Project #6: Vibe

Vibe is a platform that takes your NFTs to the next level by turning them into products or business applications. In other words, it’s a stable plugin system, synchronized with smart contracts of compatible chains, that let users launch NFT products in its marketplace.

One of his latest achievements has been raising a $4M Seed round with participation from Alchemy, Aglaé Ventures, and P Nation.

By inviting more people, users can have advanced royalties, share revenue, and license of artwork.

Project #7: AlienSwap

AlienSwap is a membership-based NFT marketplace and aggregator backed by important investors like OKX Ventures, Kryptos, and Araceae Capitals. Last week, Alienswap was considered one of the Top 10 funded projects

One of his latest achievements has been completing a $12M Strategic funding round co-led by NEXT Leader Capital and C Squared Ventures.

AlienSwap developed a Pro subscription. This lets users use an NFT heatmap, an NFT order book with pro analytics by earning and saving gas at the same time.

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