The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao “CZ”, in a tweet on Sunday, expressed joy and congratulated Binance Launchpad projects for their spectacular returns.

Binance launchpad ahead of recent bull run

Long before retail investors, crypto whales and wall street hedge funds began accumulating bitcoin, helping to shake off the crypto winter, Binance launchpad was already ahead of the boom. In February, Binance simultaneously launched two token-sale sessions. The first was for TRON Founder and CEO Justin Sun’s BitTorrent (BTT) which sold out in 15 minutes. If Binance had made use of more computing power, it would have completed the ICO even faster. BTT’s price has risen an astounding 787% since its token sale. Binance Launchpad’s Fetch (FET) token sale in March was over in 10 seconds. Participants in the token sale have made about 119% returns on their investment. Later in March Celer (CELR) generated 126% in return and in April Matic (MATIC) generated 620%.

Binance platform is still ahead despite hack

The projects on Binance Launchpad have been carefully selected. Successful applicants will enjoy the benefit of Binance’s startup accelerator. They will receive assistance, gain direction, refinement, resources, etc.

Most of the value available in Binance Launchpad is having some of the best and smartest minds in the crypto industry. Crypto investors are showing complete faith in the world’s largest crypto exchange by volume.


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