It was 2014 when Bitcoin faced an 80% price correction in mere 400 days, however, history stands beaten in 2018 as in less than 200 days the price faced a steep decline of 72%.

Indeed a record-breaking drop!

There seems to be no bottom to the bearish trend. The negative price graph of November 2018 is being plotted even below the key moving averages. With its attempt to hit $3,455 in the month of November, there is no looking back since August.

The Bitcoin price journey of last four consecutive months indicates 40% drop and the price is still refusing to pick up. While some potential investors are still catching the falling knife around 44% of the investors surveyed by Fundstrat Global advisors believe it has hit the bottom.

The deep-sell off near Thanksgiving drew more bearish momentum. As it is almost the same time of the year when Bitcoin price peaked out in December 2017 reaching almost $20.000, the comparisons and conclusions are being drawn.

The intraday drops of around 14% in November 2018 seem to impact the buying selling behavior heavily. Various reports blame different catalysts for this downward slide but it seems the hard work is worsening the decline.


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