In an interview on Thursday, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital, Mark Yusko, stated that the Bitcoin price could go as high as $400,000. 

During an appearance on, Mark Yusko talked about his bold Bitcoin price predictions. Yusko said in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine NL in April that a Bitcoin could one day in the future be worth as much as $400,000.

When asked, Yusko said:

“Gold […] has been hard money for 5,000 years. […] It’s about 7.4 trillion dollars in value. The best thing about Bitcoin is it’s digital gold. It’s much easier to transport; it’s much easier to divide. […] It has all these essential qualities that I think are superior to gold. If we get the amount of value equal to gold, that would be about 7.4 trillion, divide that by 21 million coins, you get around $400,000 per coin, maybe $500,000 per coin. When does that happen? It might be a decade or more.”

Apparently, according to Yusko claims, there is a very high probability that within a decade, Bitcoin will reach the market cap of gold which currently stands at around $7.4 trillion.

Looking at 2019, Bitcoin and the overall cryptocurrency market had a very good run. Bitcoin has had a good run in 2019 as it just crossed the $7,000 mark. This, after the bitcoin price dropped as low as $3,150 in December 2018. If the Bitcoin price can keep up this level, we have for sure entered a bull market.

See the full interview here with here:


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