The cryptocurrency market increased by $4 billion over the past 24 hours, continuing the rise that Bitcoin and most altcoins have seen in 2019. Bitcoin passed the $5,300 level once more, now even trading just above $5,400.

In a sudden bullish momentum on Tuesday, Bitcoin initiated another rally that pushed the biggest cryptocurrency above $5,400. With the rally, Bitcoin reaches a new high after it fell to $3,700 in November 2018.

During this bullish momentum, altcoins have seen a nice uptrend, with major crypto assets like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash recording gains in the range of 3 to 8 percent. Furthermore, the Bitcoin price surged also over 3 percent during the last 24 hours.

With almost all of the top 100 coins on CoinMarketCap trading in the green, the market is showing that bulls are still there and are ready for another run. The upcoming days will show if the positive trend can be continued and if Bitcoin, and the overall market, can be pushed to higher levels.

If $6,000 can be reach, this will most likely be the official end of the bear market that has been controlling the crypto market since January 2018.


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