The launch is offering 200 million BEST (Bitpanda Ecosystem Token). The Austrian company is one of the crypto-related services that has expanded its staff and its features. Contrary to many other exchanges, the operator is also fully licensed to offer fiat services.

Concerning the launch, tokens will be distributed to confirmed Bitpanda and PAN token users. The cryptocurrency exchange already generated 10 million euro in a private sale. During the first IEO round, the BEST token was traded at 0.09 euroThe second round will commence today on 16th July, at a higher price of 0.095 euro, while the last session will be at a price of 0.10 euro and run till August 6th.

Advantages of BEST tokens

The BEST token offers 25% trading fee discounts and can be utilized in base pairs. An added advantage of using BEST for trading fees is the guaranteed base price, which grows over the years. Thus, despite market fluctuations, BEST will have a fixed minimum price when used for trading fees.

Bitpanda also provides the function of constantly burning the BEST tokens received as trading fees, to decrease supply. Depending on the activity, Bitpanda still has plans to burn 50% of its total BEST supply. Another advantage of holding the token is the possibility of participation in future token sales on Bitpanda Launchpad. The upcoming platform is part of Bitpanda’s plan to become a provider of investment opportunities, including tokenized real estate or other assets. Although, there is a minimum requirement of 5,000 BEST.

The Austrian company has plans to launch Bitpanda Global Exchange, which involves repeating the model of Binance, where a native asset is boosting liquidity.


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