BSV Will Soon Be in All Our Lives All Da

BSV has received a lot of attention lately. Now, Calvin Ayre, the founder of, claims that it will soon become the new norm. In spite of its price dip.

As the world is watching another episode of Craig Wright’s life drama, Calvin Ayre is making big claims. He took to Twitter and wrote a post that reads, “Market price puts pressure on the criminal exchanges, but it’s really a distraction similar to who is Satoshi. Original Bitcoin BSV has already won as this has always been about scaling and utility. BSV will soon be in all our lives all day and every day.”

In a series of other tweets, Ayre continued to defend Wright, making it clear that he considers him Satoshi. And going as far as saying that in Kleiman V Wright case, both sides agree with that fact. Adding “BSV is still Bitcoin and it still has the only utility in the world due to its patent protected scaling.”

BSV fluctuations

Recently, Altcoin Buzz reported that BSV’s price skyrocketed following Craig Wright’s submission of new documents to the court. These documents pertain to the Tulip Trust III fund and are vital to the ongoing Kleiman vs Wright case. To remind, Ira Kleiman took Wright to court as he claims that Wright has stolen the funds that had been mined together with his deceased brother Dave.

It should be noted that this hearing, in spite of Ayre’s claim, isn’t about establishing whether Craig Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin. Besides, to date, Wright hasn’t managed to prove that he has access to the fund in question. Nor has he managed to show that these funds actually exist. The story is everything but clear, especially in light of the fact that no cryptic courier managed to arrive with slices of key to the fund.

Moreover, Wright’s lawyer confirmed that the documents submitted by Wright did not include private keys. Still, he has time to prove his point until the end of January.

Currently, BSV is trading at $250.47, which is almost $200 less than on the 15th of January. The price started to rise on the 10th of January and reached the mark of $423 on the 15th of January.


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