Over the past couple of months, BTC has managed to impress many observers. Now, according to the blockchain statistics website CoinMetrics, the coin surpassed one million daily active addresses.

The website shares data that shows this development, which occurred on June 14th. To be precise, there were 1.03317 million active addresses that day. On the 7th of June, for example, the respective number stood at 859.432 thousand.

Surprisingly, this news did not manage to impress crypto users. When Kevin Rooke reported it on Twitter, many commenters expressed skepticism.

One of the users pointed out that “using it and trading it are different things.”

With Facebook gearing up for the launch of the Libra coin, it is no wonder that another user mentioned it. Particularly, he noted that BTC is warming up its much-anticipated entrance.

While it remains to be seen, who is right, it is obvious that the interest in cryptocurrencies is not fading. The market is on the rise and many institutional investors are underscoring it. J.P. Morgan Chase, which launched its own stablecoin this year, is among them.

On a different note, this May Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey announced that it is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency.



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