Capital One acquires a Blockchain Patent geared towards the validation of content. This is Capital One’s second Blockchain patent acquisition.

Capital One has acquired its latest blockchain patent that will incorporate the content validation system. A system where devices can receive and validate information on one device and then verify on another machine. All of the validation processes on the content network and the blockchain can carry out instructions (orders) that verify that piece of content. You can find the full explanation on the USPTO website.

Capital One is a United States Bank holding corporation similar to Chase Bank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. Capital One, however, has been an active entity when it comes down to obtained Blockchain patents. According to a USPTO filing on August 16, Capital One acquired a patent that does the following:

“Computer-implemented methods and systems are provided for blockchain-mediated user authentication”- USPTO

This is exciting news that’s accompanied by the recent JP Morgan coin adoption. Financial institutions are truly enamored by the blockchain technology that underlies the cryptocurrency world but the JP Morgan coin is proof that digital currency can also be an ally to banking institutions.


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