Cardano is Looking Forward to New Research

The Cardano Foundation is excited about upcoming research. The company believes it will benefit from its results and is ready to share its details with the community.

The Cardano Foundation is planning a lot. To fulfill those plans, it will require special insights that might soon become available. In a tweet, the Cardano Foundation, which is partaking in the Davos Economic Forum, announced that the Foundation Council has news. Apparently, it “has just approved a research grant request from the Berkman Klein Center to study #blockchain governance.” This research will “benefit #Cardano, as well as the whole #crypto ecosystem.”

According to the company, a formal announcement will follow soon.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano, has already reacted to the news. He wrote, “Glad to hear that Harvard University will be conducting governance research that we can use for Cardano’s Voltaire release. Voting, improvement proposals and decentralized control are tremendous topics for research.”

The community is also happy to hear about the development. Thus some users wrote “Cardano Foundation on FIRE!” and “It is so great for this news. So amazing!”

The move is indeed an encouraging one as Cardano aims big in 2020. The Foundation is yet to deliver on its promises which include full decentralization, smart contracts, lots of liquidity, multisig paper wallets, and Hardware Wallet support. Hopefully, the upcoming research by the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University will enable the fulfillment of its promises. After all, the center is a prominent one. Its mission “is to explore and understand cyberspace; to study its development, dynamics, norms, and standards; and to assess the need or lack thereof for laws and sanctions.”

Currently, ADA, Cardano’s coin, is trading at $0.04489661 and is doing well overall. Market data shows that during the past 30 days its price went up by 35.7%.

Previously, Altcoin Buzz reported that Cardano launched a Daedalus Rewards Wallet.



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