Clearpool - A Decentralized Capital Markets Ecosystem

Clearpool is out to completely revolutionize the debt capital markets, providing institutions with access to uncollateralized liquidity and LPs with attractive rewards.

The Ethereum-based decentralized capital markets ecosystem, Clearpool, also recently completed a funding round. Funding was received from Arrington Capital, GBV, Sino Global Capital, HashKey Capital, Hex Trust, Wintermute, and Sequoia Capital India. A whopping $3 million was raised during the investment round.

Other firms in the funding round include One Block Capital, Mantra DAO, Ascendex, Panony, BCW Group, Mentha Partners, and FBG Capital. Other participants include Plutus VC, Kenetic Capital, UNKNOWN VC, Moonvault Capital, Folkvang, ZBS Capital, Huobi Ventures, and Skynet Trading.

According to reports, the funds raised will be invested in building and launching new features on the Clearpool ecosystem. New features like better and more strategic risk management, decentralized credit derivatives, etc.

Speaking on the fundraising event, Jakob Kronbichler, co-founder and CCO of Clearpool, disclosed that the capital markets ecosystem was elated to have top-notch investors like Wintermute and Folkvang participating in the funding event. He added, “On the borrower side, we have seen great interest from some of the largest crypto trading firms.” Simultaneously, there has also been an increasing interest in Clearpool among institutional and individual investors as they now have the opportunity to “[…] fund and participate in the success of these trading firms while earning stable and attractive returns.”

More on Clearpool

The ETH-based decentralized capital markets ecosystem is focused on revolutionizing the way institutions have access to uncollateralized liquidity. Founded by Robert Alcorn, Alessio Quaglini, and later Jakob Kronbichler, Clearpool is a top-notch platform brought to life by the increasing need for access to liquidity. The platform also enjoys stellar custody and compliance services. Such services include ID verification and KYC from Asia’s foremost digital asset custodian, Hex Trust.

The capital markets platform also brings to life several new interesting features to decentralized finance (DeFi). According to co-founder Robert Alcorn, these new features also “[…] provide lenders (LPs) with sophisticated risk management and hedging solutions to manage counterparty risk.”

Clearpool and DeFi

Clearpool is focused on bringing together DeFi liquidity with traditional finance. DeFi enthusiasts looking to have access to liquidity are faced with a lot of challenges. The DeFi space is still quite undeveloped when compared to its traditional counterpart. For example, there are no reliable credit scores, risk profiles, etc. Clearpool is focused on developing lending in the DeFi space to become comparable with traditional finance.

With Clearpool, lenders will have access to important details like a borrower’s creditworthiness, risk profiles, etc. Michael Arrington of Arrington Capital disclosed he was elated by the functions Clearpool plans on introducing to the DeFi space. He noted that “[…] Clearpool’s approach to bringing institutions on-chain. This will exposing them to the vast pool of crypto-native capital and revealing the incredible innovations of DeFi” was a welcome development.

Thanks to the recently completed funding round, Clearpool will continue to build the protocol as well as launch additional features to improve DeFi lending options. Also, Clearpool has revealed plans to launch a public sale of its native token (CPOOL) this October.

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