After the latest news about integrating Ethereum Classic, Coinbase might add more cryptocurrencies to their platform.

Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges with 20m users, published a blog post on June 12 saying they are aiming for integrating Ethereum Classic in the months to come.

In the blog post, Coinbase says “We plan to offer support for Ethereum Classic in all geographies where the asset is compliant with local law.” More information can be found here.

Coinbase said it increased its transaction capacity by 1000 percent year over year. “We expect to again double this capacity in coming months, all while maintaining the highest standard of security expected by our customers.” They also said in a blog post made back in March, Coinbase is stating they will add support for ERC20 tokens to the platform in the future.

Asiff Hirji, COO of Coinbase told CNBC back in may: “More people are starting to realize that this is foundational and you have the best and brightest in crypto running to build applications.” adding “If you believe that, It’s not surprising to see ever increasing volumes and record transactions.”
One candidate that has a large user base and a strong community is Ripple, and investors are now speculating whether Ripple is next to be listed on Coinbase after Ethereum Classic. Since the news about the new Coinbase Index Fund was released, speculations about new listings are all over the internet, since the index fund makes it easy for new institutional investors to get into cryptocurrency.


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