While the rumors about ZRX being listed on Coinbase have been around for quite a while, there seem to be some new developments.

The rumors are not new, this has been going on since December 2017 and since then it comes back from time to time. The CEO of Coinbase retweeted posts about 0X in the past and they have recently added ERC-20 support. But so far no ERC20 tokens have been added to Coinbase yet. It seems like a matter of time before ERC-20 tokens find their way to Coinbase.

However it looks like there may be some new developments in this long lasting rumors. It can be called a huge coincidence that both Coinbase and ZRX are filing for a SEC auditing in a period less then two weeks in between. At this moment they are the only two companies in the crypto space that are up for a SEC regulation. Another interesting fact is that ZRX and Coinbase are almost neighbours.

ZRX 0X: Official Filing for SEC
Coinbase: Official Filing for SEC

For now all we really can do is wait for official announcements. If the rumors are true and ZRX will be listed on Coinbase in the near future, it could give significant growth and exposure to the project.  This could cause the market cap and price to rise towards new all-time highs, but it’s very speculative.
We will keep a close eye on any new developments and we will keep you updated.

You can learn more about ZRX (0X) by watching the video below.


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