Jack Dorsey hopes Bitcoin will become “the currency of the internet.” Nokia allows customers to monetize their data via DATAcoin.

Day 3 of Consensus is finished and below is the top news of the day:

-Brian Kelly, Head of BKCM and CNBC Contributor, announces he is starting an ETF. While it will not be dealing with cryptocurrencies directly, but it will deal in “companies that have regulated security offerings.”

-Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a year old group, releases common technical specifications for the Ethereum blockchain. Ron Resnick, executive director for the EEA, said “All the ethereum client companies see the need to agree on these building blocks and components and how they talk to each other, because if we don’t, then we don’t have a way to compete against the proprietary solutions.”

-CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, hopes that Bitcoin will become “the currency of the internet.”

-Blockstack introduces a directory for decentralized applications.

Polymath acquires the domain of Tokens.com with intent to be a huge player in tokenized securities. They also announced that they are close to acquiring a big stake in the Barbados Stock Exchange.

-Nokia and OSIsoft will allow their customers monetize their data through use of an ERC-20 token called DATAcoin.

-Parity Technologies and Web3 Foundation are soon to be releasing proof-of-concept (PoC) for their interoperability protocol.

-SEC launches their own ICO called HoweyCoin! Kidding, it is a fake, scamy ICO with a link to the regulators educational tools. They created it to make people more aware of fake ICO’s.


Updates on previous days news 

-Article from Lesia on mining while dancing

-Article from Cristoffer on paying taxes in crypto

-Article from Garrett on USD Coin


Leave a comment about your favorite news below and stay tuned for more updates on Consensus 2018.


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