While Consensus 2018 brought some good news, the positive price movement never followed. Fast forward to today, Consensus 2019 has not disappointed.

Consensus 2019 is an annual cryptocurrency event that is held yearly in New York City, New York. This year it runs from May 13th-15th at the New York Hilton Midtown. There are many cryptocurrency conferences throughout the year but Consensus always seems to bring its own hype and stature with it.

Below are the major highlights released throughout the day (in no particular order):

In probably the biggest news of the day, Bitcoin passes $8,100 making new 2019 highs.

Enough said.

Major Realtors to accept cryptocurrency payments in stores

The Winklevoss twins have partnered with Flexa, cryptocurrency payments network, to enable retailers to accept cryptocurrency payments in stores. Through the SPEDN wallet over 15 large retail chains, which is 30,475 retail spaces, will start accepting cryptocurrency payments. The SPEDN wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Gemini Dollars.

Bakkt is going to begin testing Bitcoin Futures in July

The long-awaited Bitcoin product, Bakkt, will finally begin to test their futures contracts this summer. The plan is to release two futures products, a daily one and a monthly one. While we are still waiting for the CFTC to give the green light, Kelly Loeffler, CEO, said that the products will be CFTC regulated.

eBay may start accepting crypto

While there is no hard evidence of this, at Consensus, there are many signs from eBay talking positively about cryptocurrencies. With over 179 million users worldwide, this would be big if true.

Binance Will Fully Resume Its Operations Soon

While this isn’t specifically Consensus news, it is still important to point out. With all of the good news coming out, this could possibly help altcoins start to run up higher in price, or could allow traders to take profits from the past week. Tell us what you think below.

Paxos can now be redeemed instantly for USD

Paxos now allows users to get fiat instantly when using their platform. Users PAX and USD will now be shown as a single balance on the account.


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