The final day of Consensus 2019 has come and gone. Overall this was an amazing conference and all across the globe during this conference, amazing news was released causing green candles across most coins.

Christopher Giancarlo, Chairman of CFTC, talks crypto on his way out

He believes that the CFTC is built on four main cornerstones, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, adopting an “exponential growth mindset,” becoming a “quantitative regulator,” embracing “market-based solutions,” and manage the ever-present tension between innovation and regulation.

Coinbase has over $1 billion of crypto under management

If you needed more proof that institutions are coming into crypto, here it is. In just about 12 months, Coinbase has over $1 billion worth of assets under management while getting about $150 million per month from 70+ institutions.

The fifth largest electrical company in the world is using an Ethereum Dapp

EDF is the fifth largest electrical utility company has launched simulator software on the Ethereum mainnet.

Deloitte to launch a large project by the end of the year on Ethereum

Even though Deloitte announced that it was moving its clients to VeChain, the CTO, Antonio Senatore, said that 50% of their projects are built on Ethereum.

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang believes Regulators “Owe” clarity on rules

Andrew Yang believes that “it is unfair to folks” to not have regulatory clarity surrounding crypto and he thinks they “owe us some degree of clarity.”

Binance has restarted services post hack

Finally, after a week of being on lockdown, Binance has finally reopened deposits and withdrawals.


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