(CRO) review Chain (CRO) token price surged by 81% over the past 24 hours and increased roughly 400% in just one week., Hongkong-based cryptocurrency and payments pioneering platform, has developed CRO cryptocurrency as a payment solution for merchants.

At the time of writing (UTC 12 pm, 15th March), CRO is ranked 21st on CoinMarketCap whereas it was 81st a month ago. The token is just on the verge of entering the top 20 market cap because of its individual value of $0.114.



The price of CRO rise in the last 24 hours is a very bullish sign, although it is not the first major uptrend for this coin. In fact, this project has seen bullish movement for quite some time now and it seemingly is not coming down, however, this is all speculation. 

CRO price chart:

Source: has announced today, that its Chain Token (CRO) will be listed today on Upbit, a leading global digital asset exchange based in South Korea.

Though one reason for CRO’s recent price surge might have something to do with the listing on Upbit, it is most likely not the only reason. The recent price increase has also followed major exchange listings on 8th March , including a listing on Bittrex(US-based exchange). Furthermore, announced on March 12 that CRO would be listed on Indodax, the Indonesian fiat-to-crypto exchange, where local traders would be able to trade the token against Indonesian Rupiah.


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