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According to CryptoRank, IDO platforms like GameFi, Red Kite, and BSCPad have delivered all-time high ROIs of 8,000%, 6,000%, and 5,000%. That means if you participated in an IDO, invested $100, your investment would have fetched you $8,000. Wow! That’s an 80X.

Who likes to miss out on such massive gains for luck or the high cost of participation. Well, we don’t. And that is why we keep looking out for IDO launchpads that generally offer high ROIs, low price guaranteed allocations, and some form of rewards like staking rewards. That’s how we came across BinStarter, an insured multi-chain launchpad.

But does it make a guaranteed allocation in an IDO that easy, cheap, and rewarding? This article will find out how you can take advantage of BinStarter.

What Makes BinStarter Different from Competitors?

We came across Binstarter for the first time in Sep 2021 when we participated in the GemGuardian IDO. This launchpad caught our attention because:

  • At the lowest investment, it offered us guaranteed allocation.
  • On top of that, our BinStarted BSR token staked would earn a minimum staking reward of 160%.

As a result, the GemGuardian IDO gave us +3,352.7% returns until now. Moreover, within the last couple of months, BinStarter has already concluded five successful IDO:

BinStarter IDO

Source: BinStarter

This time it caught our attention because now, six more IDOs are in the pipeline, and BinStarter has added another pool – Pool #6 that offers an APY of over 900%. Now, let’s dive deep into why this launchpad and its token $BSR holds tremendous potential, how it enables guaranteed IDOs and how it is more rewarding.

What is BinStarter?

BinStarter is an insured multi-chain IDO launchpad. Therefore, being an insured IDO launchpad enables project owners and liquidity providers peace of mind. That’s because it examines the projects based on specific criteria for 30 days. This way, it protects the liquidity providers against rug pulls or other malicious activities that IDOs attract.

Now take a look at this, Binstarter is a launchpad protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, but it is designed in a way that it can support multi-chain IDOs:

  • Solana
  • Polkadot
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Cardano
  • And, of course, Binance Smart Chain.

This means if you choose this platform as a launchpad, you get access to IDOs happening around different blockchains. With $BSR, the native utility token having surged over 1200%, having some BSR locked in staking pools earning staking rewards, and getting IDO allocations does sound like a good deal.

How to Participate in an IDO on BinStarter?

Now before we dive deep into why this platform seems to be a potential IDO platform and compare it against some of the leading IDO platforms, let us walk you through how you can generally participate in an IDO on BinStarter:

Step 1: Buy $BSR on PancakeSwap using Metamask wallet. The BinStarter pool page will show you Uniswap as a buying option, but it is not available yet.

Step 2: Connect the same Metamask wallet to the BinStarter Pool page.

Step 3: Stake $BSR into staking pool 1-6 until sales date to qualify for allocations. Make sure you evaluate the pools based on lottery allocation, guaranteed allocation, APY, and locked durations.

Advantages of Using BinStarter as an IDO Launchpad

Let’s take Meland.AI IDO as an example to compare how participating in an IDO via BinStarter is more profitable. Remember, we are only looking for guaranteed allocation. The IDO is conducted on 3 IDO platforms: BinStarter, BSCStation, and Poolz.

Meanwhile, BinStarter and BSCStation offer five different guaranteed PoolZ allocation pools. Talking about the minimum staking requirement, the BinStarter requires you to stake a minimum of 2000 $BSR, which costs $6,000 at the current price to get a minimum allocation. 

On the other hand, BSCStation requires you to stake 15,000 BSCs amounting to $6,150 pretty close. But look at Poolz; you need to stake 5,000 $POOLZ costing $55,000 to participate in a guaranteed allocation pool.

Therefore, it’s even more enjoyable when we look at the rewards. If you stake $BSR, you can earn somewhere from 160% to 990% staking rewards. With BSCs, you can earn 43% staking rewards, and with Poolz, it’s pretty low, 5%. 

Market Comparison

BSCStation and Poolz are the direct competition of BinStarter. Therefore, in the following chart, you will see two reasons why BinStarter is easier, cheaper, and more profitable to participate in its IDOs:

Parameters  BinStarter  BSCStation Poolz
Guaranteed allocation Yes Guaranteed Yes
Number of Guaranteed allocation pool 5 5 1
Minimum staking requirement for guaranteed allocation 2000 BSR 

USD cost – $6000

15,000 BSCS

USD Cost – $6,150

5,000 Poolz

USD Cost – $55,000

Staking rewards 160 – 990% 43% 5%


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