GuildFi Gains Funding From BSC's Investment Fund

Blockchain gaming has increased in popularity over the last couple of months, and GuildFi, a crypto gaming scholarship provider, is at the forefront. The platform intends to build a community of NFT games.

GuildFi aims to maximize players’ benefits across the metaverse. Furthermore, the project recently secured an investment from Binance Smart Chain’s $1 billion Growth Fund. This fund will go a long way towards securing GuildFi’s ambition of striking beneficial partnerships and adding more features.

What This Fund Means to GuildFi

GuildFi’s community stands to benefit from BSC’s large resource base and users to accelerate its growth and expose its platform to a global user base. GuildFi’s team hopes to act as a gateway to the metaverse by providing five key services to its users.

The platform offers a Gaming Center, Guild Zone, NFT Zone, Tools Zone, and Treasury Zone. These are the key components of the GuildFi community, which will offer users a unique metaverse experience. So far, GuildFi’s figures show high community participation. The gaming hub currently has over 150,000 GuildFi IDs and over 1,000,000 completed missions. These figures mirror the popularity and attention GuildFi wields in the gaming industry. However, with the funds from BSC, the platform could have a greater reach. Furthermore, gamers stand a chance to double their reward following GuildFi’s integration with BSC. Aside from the regular in-game tokens, players have an opportunity to earn GXP after playing any game on the GuildFi gaming center.

GuildFi’s Plans for an Upgrade

There’s been a series of articles on GuildFi in recent weeks. The platform recently completed its first Triple IGO launch of Cyball’s NFT. This IGO launch saw Binance NFT achieve a new milestone with a subscription rate of more than 2000% on GuildFi. In addition to these impressive figures, there are over three thousand scholars in the GuildFi gaming community. The platform also boasts about thirty coaches. Also, lots of players are in line for the GuildFi scholarship. Over 20,000 players are on the scholarship waiting list.

The gaming platform hopes to achieve more milestones in the coming weeks and provide BSC users with more value and rewards as they navigate the metaverse. Fundraising is vital to GuildFi’s long-term ambitions. The project already has the trust of its community. The recent token launch validates this point as the platform raised a total of $139.6 million.

According to GuildFi’s project lead, Jarindr Thitadilaka, GuildFi’s wide adoption “portrays the massive potential of the NFT and GameFi space as a whole.” Jarindr further stated that the investment would enable GuildFi to “explore even more innovative avenues to grow the GuildFi ecosystem in the multichain world.”

So far, the project has secured several leading platforms, in addition to BSC, to partner with its ambitions. GuildFi has secured investment from Pantera, Coinbase, Defiance Capital, and a host of others. However, BSC’s Growth Fund is one of the world’s largest funding communities. The platform hopes to back 500 new projects by providing funding to help them upgrade and scale.

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